4 Keys to Business Leadership Coaching Communication

Business leadership coaching begins by acknowledging that people communicate differently and it’s your job to coach your business client so they understand this fact. Your business leadership coaching will help them be more effective with employees, prospects, customers, and their suppliers.

Mastering the 4 keys to communication below will help you be far more affective as a business coach. You will be more powerful at enrolling more business coaching clients because you’ll know what it is you need to do so your prospects understand your value and what you offer.

4 Business Leadership Coaching Communication Styles

Your client’s primary communication style will usually be one of the following or a combination of two of them. You need to learn to coach from
all 4 perspectives.

1.  Dominant: They will be all about the bottom-line. Less details and getting straight to the point will work best for this style of communicator. Your Business leadership coaching should coach clients to give this type of communicator the facts that are necessary for them to make a rapid decision and no more details than that or you’ll risk frustrating dominant communicators.

2.  People Oriented: This person is all about getting to know you and wanting to know who’s involved and what was said. They look on the bright side of things and they hate rejection. Business leadership coaching helps your client realize the potential downsides of their decisions and manage their optimism.

3.   Steady: Change and making rapid decisions isn’t usually welcomed with open arms with the slow paced communication style. Business leadership coaching for this style is to teach your client to give this type of communicator time to ask questions and get comfortable with you.

4.  Rules and Regulations: To get this person to take action and move forward, they need to know what’s expected of them. Business leadership coaching is to help them feel comfortable that they’re following all the rules and no policies or procedures will be  violated.

Keys to Business Leadership Coaching

These 4 communication styles you will coach are the keys to business leadership coaching. As a leadership coach, you need to first know your primary communication style.

Then coach your client in realizing how they prefer to interact with others. The most valuable thing you can do as a leadership coach for your clients is to coach them so they understand each of the above styles.

When you and your clients can flexibly communicate with employees and customers who have different styles of relating than your own, your communication effectiveness will rise to new heights.

As you become a more advanced communicator and coach your business clients to do the same, you and your business clients’ financial bottom-line will increase dramatically.

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Donald R. Hunter, MBA, CFP
JTS Advisors Certified Accountability Coach

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