What is Intrinsic Health Coaching?

What is intrinsic health coaching? Is it something you should be interested in as a coach? Is it something you can use in your sessions with clients? Most likely you already know the answer to: “What is intrinsic health coaching.” Most likely you are already using some form of intrinsic health coaching in your practice. So – what is it? What is Intrinsic Health Coaching? The basic philosophy of intrinsic coaching is that people are their own agents for change. People have the power to … [Read more...]

Women Success Coaching – Do You Need to Be a Woman?

Can you offer women success coaching and guidance to help them lead more fulfilling lives? Can you offer them bold solutions and empower them to achieve their maximum potential? If you answered YES to these questions, there's a coaching nice for you – women's success coaching. But, can you do that if you are a man? Whether you are a life coach or an executive coach, you can easily transition to become an expert on women success coaching. Well, maybe not easily, but the possibilities are … [Read more...]

What is Leadership Coaching Psychology and Why Should You Care?

Question: What is Leadership Coaching Psychology? Answer: It is the application of psychological theory and practices to encourage organizational leaders to reach their personal and professional potential. Question: What is leadership coaching psychology and why should you care? Answer: If you are a coach, it will help you assist your clients in the development of leadership skills and the creation and achievement of goals. If you are an executive coach, it is an absolute essential to … [Read more...]

Wellness Coaching Certification – 5 Things to Look For

Seeking a wellness coaching certification? If so, listen up for these five tips that will ensure you earn a certification that is worth way more than the paper it is printed on. Wellness coaching is big...and it is going to get much, much bigger. The population is aging, but they are striving to hold on to their youth as long as they can. Young people are seeing the value of living a healthy lifestyle and are more concerned with their health and wellness. Though we live in a fast food … [Read more...]

What do I Need to Start a Life Coaching Career?

Here's the question: “What do I need to start a life coaching career?” Here's the answer: “You need more than you think!” Life coaching is hot right now. People all across the country are seeking knowledge and guidance in their pursuit of the American Dream. When there is demand, a supply of products or services will soon follow. That is what has happened to the life coaching industry. People want life coaching, and there are thousands of people jumping in to offer these life coaching … [Read more...]

What is a Relationship Coach – 10 Reasons People Need One

What is a relationship coach? Glad you asked. But, first why did you ask? Did you ask as a potential client or coach? Are you thinking that becoming a relationship coach would be a good career move? If so, you would be right. What is a Relationship Coach? A relationship coach provides third-party, experienced, and educated views and coaching on relationships of all types, from dating to family to business. Relationships coaches help their clients traverse the often treacherous and murky … [Read more...]

The Niche of Women Leadership Coaching

Finding the right niche is a crucial component of success in the coaching field, and women leadership coaching is one of those niches that should be given serious consideration...especially if you are a woman! Why Women's Leadership Coaching? We live in a world mostly dominated by men, and a world controlled by hard power. What is hard power? It is the use of money, weapons, threats, and forceful words to gain an advantage, whether we are talking business or the balance of world power. Men … [Read more...]

What is Zarvos Life Coaching?

Zavros life coaching – is it a scam, a cult, or a legitimate method that can help you achieve your goals in life and get what you want? Will it change your life? According to their website, Zarvos Leadership and Coaching offers a “transformational coaching curriculum for anyone seeking new levels of personal fulfillment and success.” Zarvos Life Coaching was founded by Jim and Nora Zarvos. Jim Zarvos is the founder of Paradigm Consulting International, a coaching and consulting firm which … [Read more...]