Embrace the Future with the York University Health Coaching Program

Most Americans have probably never heard of York University nor do they know anything about the York University health coaching program. The reason – York University is in Canada, Toronto to be exact, and Americans tend to ignore our neighbor to the north. However, York is the third largest university in Canada, and one of the most respected and recognized in the country. The York University health coach program sounds like the perfect field of study for those individuals wanting to get in on … [Read more...]

What is Online Life Coaching and Why Should You Care?

What is online life coaching and why should you care? As we continue to move toward a society that revolves around wireless communication and our increasingly advanced wireless devices, online life coaching becomes even more important. Coaches should care – online coaching may mean a significant alternate source of revenue. Who has time to meet their life coach at an office? More and more people are finding it beneficial to have a life coach, but harder to make the time to meet them at … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Fully Develop Your Natural Edge Success Coaching

What is your natural edge success coaching? It is your ability as a coach to help others succeed based on who you are as a person and professional, where you are in your business career, how you have developed in your professional life, and what you have experienced in life and work. Your natural edge success coaching can work in any niche within the coaching field – life, career, success, wealth, wellness, or even smaller sub-niches within these larger categories. By worrying about your … [Read more...]

What Can You Do With a Life Coaching Certificate?

What can you do with a life coaching certificate? You can do plenty, that's what! You can become a life coach and begin a career filled with exciting opportunities and rewards. However, there is more to your life coaching certificate than meets the eye! What Can You Do With a Life Coaching Certificate? You do not need a life coach certificate to coach professionally. However, having a certificate will make you appear more professional to potential clients, and perhaps attract more new … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Building Your Coaching Practice in to a Million Dollar Business

Want to build your coaching practice in to a million dollar business? It is possible if you work hard and have a plan. Of course, not every coaching practice will end up generating a million dollars, but you can create a successful and very prosperous coaching practice if you carefully follow these five steps. A Million Dollars From your Coaching Practice in 5 Steps Before the steps are spelled out, you will notice that the word “easy” was not used as a qualifier. You see the word “easy” … [Read more...]

Three Items to Consider Before Asking – How Can I Become a Coach?

Are you asking yourself the question – how can I become a coach? If so, there are a few things to consider before you take that first step to a rewarding and dynamic career – coaching! When asking the question – how can I become a coach? - the first thing to decide is what the type of coach you want to become. Are you thinking about being an athletic coach? Or a life coach? How about a wellness coach? No matter which type of coach you want to become, you must consider the following three … [Read more...]

Are Executive Coach Training Materials For Sale Enough?

Interested in executive coach training? Materials for sale can be found online to help you get started. But, can you really train yourself by only studying reading material? What is Executive Coach Training? Coaching for executives is usually geared toward senior level management and provides an environment for collaboration and processes that develop certain competencies that will help achieve individual and organizational goals and boost performance. Just as athletes of all ages work … [Read more...]