Why and How I Became a Life Coach

Why I became a life coach is simple. I have always really cared about people. I have always been willing to listen and then to try to help. So in some sense I have always been a life coach. And if you really care about people, are always willing to listen and to try to help, than you are, to some extent, already a life coach, too. Then one day I realized that while I really cared, I was also really winging it.

What makes life coaching so special?

No other area of coaching is more personal and also more all-encompassing. It is personal because the beginning and end of all life coaching inquiry is the individual being coached. After all it is their life. And at the same time, because human lives touch every interest and every matter, there are no limits to the issues that can be addressed. That is what makes life coaching so very special, and that is a big part of why I became a life coach.

How Did I become a Life Coach?

Oddly enough, I began my formal training in life coaching years ago when I became a salesman with IBM. Good salespeople learn to ask lots of questions and determine both the personal and professional needs of the client. Then they help identify solutions and help the client pick a solution that works for them and move them to action and implement the solution that they have selected.

Years later I decided to make coaching the main focus of my professional life, which required more formal training in all aspects of coaching including assessment, strategy and accountability coaching, plus how to successfully start and run a coaching business. What I call strategy coaching includes specific approaches to creating transformation in people, plus specific approaches to bring success in various areas of people’s lives, including health, relationships and careers. While much of this training was done remotely and quite a bit was done over the internet, much was done in classroom settings and it also included literally hundreds of hours of coaching and being coached.

Well that’s my story – my why and how. What about yours?

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    Well I have not ‘formal’ training to be a life coach, but I do have lot so experience to be a ‘health and fitness’ coach. I would love to empower people to make better health choices and really make the commitment to change their unhealthy habits.. I seriously dont’ think people realize how much they can affect their health future and my mission is to educate them! Although perhaps they know they can affect it, but don’t know where to start!

  2. Lynn Jones says

    Hi Jeffrey, You should be a live coach because it is in your heart to do so. I really enjoy helping people to find ways to succeed, to help them realize they can do it, but I am not a “formal coach”. So I will do all that I can with those who have the desire to go further.
    All the best to you!

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