Why Action Coach Business Coaching is Right For You and Your Business

Action Coach Business Coaching was one of the first business coaching companies, and has managed to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive industry. It is the largest franchise in the business coach industry and has franchises all over the globe.

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What is Action Coach?

Action Coach is a team of committed and successful people who strive for honesty, integrity, and balance. Action Coach was started by Brad Sugars, an Australian entrepreneur who determined that the internal functioning of all businesses, across industry lines were similar. He learned that business owners just need to have the right information to transform their business. They now have over 1,000 offices in 26 countries and have helped numerous companies achieve success and prosperity.

Their success depends on a particular set of standards and ethics, which help to create a specific culture that breeds success.

The Culture of Action Coach Business Coaching

Every company has a culture – this culture usually contributes to the success of the company, and Action Coach is no exception. They have a 14-point culture that guides team members and contributes to the successful achievement of their goals.

Here are the 14 points which guide Action Coach business coaching:

  • Commitment – committed to the vision, mission, and culture of Action Coach, and 100% committed to the achievement of goals.
  • Ownership – be responsible for your actions and outcomes. You are accountable for your life and business.
  • Integrity – honesty, speaking the truth, and fulfilling commitments adds up to integrity.
  • Excellence – good is good, but you don’t strive to be good. You strive to deliver services with exceptional quality. You expect to exceed expectations.
  • Communication – strive to always speak positively about fellow coaches and clients. Looking for solutions to any communication problems is a vital component of success.
  • Success – focus on successful outcomes no matter what you are doing. Think about success, act like a successful person and you will become a successful person.
  • Education – learn from your mistakes, grow and become a better coach. Your education never ends.
  • Team Work – always be a team player – focus on cooperation and resolution.
  • Balance – remember to stay balanced in life. Balancing your work, social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and family life is vital to your success.
  • Fun – life and work is meant to be enjoyed!
  • Systems – when trying to fix something, look for a system issue before a personal issue. Follow the system; if you see a system problem, suggest a solution.
  • Consistency – stay consistent in your actions and deeds, and consistent results will follow.
  • Gratitude – be grateful for all you have. Show appreciation as often as you can. Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life.
  • Abundance – realize that you deserve abundance. Create abundance for yourself and for others. Your abundance should not take away from others, it should benefit others.

Is Action Coach Business Coaching Right For You?

Whether you are a coach or you need coaching, Action Coach business coaching just might be the answer.

Do you want to become a coach? Take a look at the Action Coach website and you’ll find a coach test to see if you have what it takes to become a coach. You’ll also find an article titled: 17 Reasons to Become an Action Coach.

Does your business need a shot in the arm…or a kick in the butt? Hire an Action Coach business coach to help your business prosper and succeed.

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  1. Maine says

    If I had the chance or the need I would really look into Action Coach Business Coaching as their track record does speak for them. I would recommend them for all business establishments.

  2. Alden says

    The 14 points that they instill in every business/client they work with are definitely the keys to a successful endeavor whether big or small.

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