Who Wants to Write a Million Dollar Coach Book?

Do you dream of having a million dollar coach book published, but don’t know where to turn? Already have a book, but unsure of how to market it? Looking for cost effective high-return strategies to promote your book? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the following information is for you.

How a Million Dollar Coach Book Can Boost Your Coaching Business

If you are on the lookout for ways to boost your coaching business, one of those ways is to become an author. Your book doesn’t have to be 100,000 words and hundreds of pages long. You can write an e-book which can be as short as 50 pages and is packed with solid, useable information.

The truth is that very few non-fiction authors make a lot of money from their book alone. Publishing a book and getting nationwide distribution is, in most cases a prohibitively, expensive process. Not only is it time and energy intensive, it will also take massive amounts of resources (anywhere between $300-700,000). So, if it’s that difficult and expensive, what’s the point of publishing a million dollar coach book anyway? 

The two main reasons to write and publish a book are to market your coaching business and to gain credibility.

Reason #1: Marketing

Highly successful non-fiction authors are those who understand that their million dollar book is nothing more than a marketing tool to drive traffic to their business and utilize this knowledge effectively. For example, Stephen Covey’s books drive traffic to FranklinCovey, a world leading training company; T. Harv Eker has Peak Potentials Training; marketing guru Seth Godin built Squidoo; and Ken Blanchard’s company is a global leader in workplace learning and productivity.

The real money to be made from publishing a book doesn’t come from the book itself; it comes from the business that the book is designed to market. So, what does this mean for you? You should spend far more time and effort developing a legitimate business, rather than trying to make money from book sales alone. A book is a very powerful tool to boost your business and can be given away as a promotional item to new clients. If your book is an e-book, there are little or no out-of-pocket expenses. The e-book can be immediately downloaded from a website or sent as an electronic file in response to a request or purchase. 

Reason #2: Credibility

In the Information Age, people are constantly bombarded with television, radio, books, advertising, social media, blogs, music, etc. So why should they listen to you, especially when there may be countless competing factors sending them different messages? When faced with information overload, your audience listens to and buys from those they deem to be credible.

Think about this quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. It sticks with and impacts you not because of the actual words, but because you know they came from Mahatma Gandhi, a man who earned ultimate credibility on the subject of changing the world. Another person could say the same thing, but unless he has credibility on that subject, the words will impact you far less and you will quickly forget them.

Writing a book immediately establishes your credibility in the coaching field. Clients feel more secure knowing the coach they deal with has recognized established expertise at the helm. The release of a book can lead to greater media exposure and requests for speaking engagements which increases the visibility of your coaching firm. Credibility is a precious commodity in the coaching world, and it’s one that, once established, will dramatically increase your bottom line and elevate your book to the million dollar coach book category.


If you are thinking about writing million dollar coach books, my advice is that you must first understand that publishing a book is not a good way to make money in and of itself. You absolutely must develop a world-class coaching business that the book is deliberately designed to market, and it’s through increasing traffic to this business that you will make your real money. And by gaining credibility, which comes from being a published author, the chances of getting people to consistently engage you as a coach are considerably greater.

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