Who Wants to be The Money Coach?

Who wants to be the money coach? The man? The coach to the stars? The coach of the century? Is that you? Do you want to be the best money coach you can be?

The Money Coach
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Money Coaching is Sexy

You don’t have to be sexy to be a money coach, but money coaching is becoming more sexy and attractive as people are starting to realize they have no idea how to budget, save, and attract money.

It’s a growing field with numerus opportunities to work for yourself or for others. There are thousands in need of your services. The money coaching needs are only going to grow as prices go up, wages continue to stagnate, and inequality pressures linger. There’s money in money coaching!

How to be the Money Coach Everyone Needs

Here are a few tips on being a money coaching expert and one in high demand. Be the money coach everyone wants – the one with the rep, the cred, and the skills to make money while helping others handle their own money.

Think Outside the Box

It’s always better if you step outside the box of conformity on occasion. Bringing new ideas to the table and you’ll be offering something no other money coach has through of. Seek out new and innovative skills which have yet to catch on in the field and you’ll quickly gain a reputation for innovative and intelligent coaching.

Think Inside the Box

Though you need to think outside the box to bring cutting edge techniques into the coaching realm, you also need to be cognizant of and skilled in those techniques and theories that have been established over a long period of time. After all, things are inside of that box for a reason – they work! Sometimes the search for all things new will obscure the fact that some of those old things are perfectly usable.

Your Box is You

Practice what you preach. If you live a champagne lifestyle on a boxed wine budget, money coaching may not be the right gig for you. Though becoming the money coach of the year will probably mean you are making some big bucks, chances are you are probably starting out more on a shoestring budget. Living a lifestyle of excessive debt, unrestrained leverage, and spending without borders is not the right way to understand the techniques you’ll be coaching.

A Bigger Box is Better

The more tools and knowledge you have in your coaching box, the better. You can certainly specialize in specific areas or with certain groups of people, but you need to have knowledge in as many financial topics as possible. Budgeting, household finance, business finance, investing, shopping skills, behavior modification – these are all important areas when coaching money.

Never Stop Adding to Your Box

Continuing education is vital to climbing to and staying on top. Your training should never be complete. You should always be seeking out new skills, techniques, and information. If you want to be the money coach of the year, the coach to the stars, the king of coaches, of just the best coach you can be, you won’t be able to do it without learning new skills and refreshing the old ones.

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