Who is the Seattle Money Coach?

Who is the Seattle Money Coach? Certainly, there are many money or wealth coaches in the Seattle area. However, only one has the domain name seattlemoneycoach.com.

Seattle Money Coach
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If you click on the domain name, you’ll get the page for Mikelann Valterra. She is a certified money coach, an author, and a speaker. She has been a certified money coach for over 20 years, and is also a accredited financial counselor.

Coaching Books and Programs by Money Coach Mikelann Valterra

Mikelann Valterra write Why Women Earn Less: How to make What You’re Really Worth. She has also written a coaching program which you can pick up by going on her website: How to Stop Stressing About Money and Create the Life You Love.

Her book focuses on many of the concepts and ideas she learned while working as a financial recovery counselor at the Financial Recovery Institute. The book includes chapters titled:

  • The Truth About Underearning
  • The Illusion of Noble Poverty
  • When Underearning Serves Us
  • How Much is Enough?

Why Go to the Seattle Money Coach?

Mikelann has a Bachelors degree in Economics and a Masters degree in psychology. She expertly merges the two field to offer pertinent financial advice in the context of behavior and habits. She has more than two decades of experience helping people get their financial lives under control. She is also a Money Wise Woman Contributor on Forbes.

Besides her books, the Seattle Money Coach has written numerous articles, with titles including:

  • How to Let Go of Past Money Mistakes
  • The Food and Money Connection
  • Couples and Money – So You Do Not Marry Your Clone
  • The Art and Magic of Simplifying Your Finances

As you can tell, the subject range is broad, and there is something for everyone.

Mikelann’s biggest passion is to help women take charge of their finances, plan for the future, and create a life they love without worrying and obsessing over finances. She looks about the emotional side and the practical side of money

The Emotional Side of Money

She deals with self-defeating money beliefs and habits which derail financial comfort and prosperity. This is where her education in psychology comes in. She can work with her client’s feelings about money – behaviors, habits, lifestyle, stresses, and emotions.

The Practical Side of Money

She helps her clients learn practical financial skills, so they can gain control over their finances. She works on getting out of debt, permanently breaking the debt cycle, lifestyle spending, underearning issues, and the impact of past and future financial events.

No Budgets for Her

She doesn’t teach about budgeting, as she feels this creates negative emotions. Instead, she works with clients to plan where her clients want their money to go. She wants to help clients develop a relationship with money – heal past traumas and create new and beneficial emotions over the earning and spending of money.

Money Coaching in Seattle

Though there are many choices for money coaches in the Seattle area, there is only one who owns the name, the Seattle Money Coach. Though names don’t always matter, in this case, Mikelann’s experience, education, and expertise make her the go to money coach in the Seattle area.

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