What’s in a Name – Training & Leadership Coaching Ltd.?

Training & Leadership Coaching Ltd – would that be a good business name? Looking at this company name can help us understand what makes for a good business name for your coaching practice.

Training Leadership Coaching Ltd.
Training Leadership Coaching Ltd. – Antonio Guillem © 123RF.com

Is There a Business With This Name?

Before you decide on a name, it’s important to see if another business is using the selection. It’s easy to look up on Google and can also be done locally through a recorder’s office or some similar governmental agency.

Training & Leadership Coaching Ltd sounds more like a name used in England. LTD (Limited) is sometimes used as a business descriptor in the United States – it might be used instead of Limited Partnership or LLC. However, LLC is a legal business entity in the US and if a company is formed as such, LLC is most often added to the end of the company name. In England and Europe, Ltd is a legal type of business.

So, this would be better if your coaching practice was in Europe. For the US, forming as a corporation (Inc.) or a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) are the best options for limited asset exposure.

If Your Coaching Practice is About Training and Leadership

This is the heart of naming your business. Could you call your business Training & Leadership Coach Ltd? Are you a training and leadership coach?

If your practice revolves around training clients to become leaders, then this name would be appropriate.

You want your business name to tell potential clients something about your business and what you do. If you have a practice helping senior manage wealth, you could name your business something like: Senior Advantage Wealth Management or Golden Years Wealth Coaching.

Tell the clients who you are and what you do!

Make Your Business Name Your Brand

If you are a leadership coach, Training & leadership Coaching Ltd could easily become your brand. Your website could use that name in the URL. You could also give seminars under that name and write books with variations of that name.

Everywhere you go you’ll be known as the leadership training coach. That’s a good thing!

Training & Leadership Coaching Ltd

I checked on Google and found one business in England with this name. However, it was dissolved in 2006. I didn’t perform an exhaustive search, so I would advise a bit more research before you commit to this name.

Once you think you have the name, run it by a few friends or peers and see what they think. If it passes the friends and peers test, then check to see if the domain name is available (or at least something very similar) You want your domain name to match up with your business name as it will make it easier for clients to find you online and in person.

There – if you are a leadership coach in Europe, you can use the name, Training & Leadership Coaching Ltd.

If you have a different type of coaching specialty, go through a similar process to get the best name for your coaching practice.

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