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Transformational leadership coaching umidi – this clunky phrase points us to an incredible book written by Joseph Umidi. The book is Transformational Coaching.

Transformational Leadership Coaching Umidi
Transformational Leadership Coaching Umidi – Cathy Yeulet ©

Who is Joseph Umidi?

Dr. Joseph Umidi is the founder and president of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Inc., a global coach training ministry is 28 countries. He has served a Professor of Ministry at Regent University for the past 30 years. He is also an entrepreneur, consultant, organizational leader, and of course, an author.

Transformational Coaching

The book is fully titled: Transformational Coaching: Bridge Building That Impacts, Connects, and Advances the Ministry and the Marketplace. It’s about transformational leadership coaching. Umidi provides insight and information for anyone considering becoming a professional life or leadership coach.

The book provides insight on transformational leadership coaching. Umidi discovered that transformational coaching happens through experience and not merely from seminars or lectures. The book provides specific principles which can bring about change, or transformation. The book also defines the meaning of transformational, and how it is more than merely a surface change, or a fad; it is powerful and foundational, and far deeper than most people think.

Transformational Leadership Coaching – Umidi

I’ll leave most of the principles from the book for you to discover yourself, but here are a couple of the main points:

  • Transformational coaching is founded on transformational conversations. Transformational conversations are held at core levels of dialogue and are focused on the exchange of compelling and stimulating ideas.
  • Transformational coaching is about viewing the past through a lens of transformation. It’s about how we see and process those experiences, good and bad, which have shaped our lives. New, enlightened perspectives of the past will bring about new and enlightened ways to approach the future.
  • Transformational coaching is also about transformational hearing. You must not only see things at a higher level, you must also be able to hear at a more transformational level. Think beyond just the words you hear, and place those words into the context of the dream, the purpose, or the bigger picture.

Religion Without the Dogma

There is no doubt that the influence of religion runs through this book on transformational leadership coaching. Umidi brings a spiritual and religious perspective to coaching. Though it quotes the Christian Bible, it is unifying in its tilt toward spirituality. Even for those who aren’t religious, spirituality has a purpose in the bigger picture of life, and there are ways to transform without bringing any gods into the plan.

Transformation and Empowerment

One thread running through this book, and through others that discuss transformational coaching or leadership, is empowerment. Whether transformation is taking place on an individual, group, or community level, it is fed by and creates empowerment. Whether it incorporates religion and spirituality, empowerment is a crucial component of being transformed.

Transformational Coaching is about empowerment, being coached, and creating a successful practice of transformational leadership coaching. Umidi has provided a look inside this type of powerful coaching, and offered a way to move beyond the basics, and offer yourself and your clients change and lifelong empowerment.

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