What You Need to Be a Coach: Decide Who You Must Be to Become a Life Coach

is to decide who you really want to be.  If you want to become a coach, decide what characteristics you need.  What you need to be a coach is more than just being passionate, committed, and disciplined.  Make a list of those qualities you will have when you have become a life coach, and then become that person.  Not someday, right now.

What You Need to Be a Coach are Some Good Shoes to Fill

How do you do that?  What you need to be a coach is to step into the shoes of a coach.  Talk the way you would talk, walk the way you would walk, and live the life you would live if that were happening right now.  Make a decision to become a life coach and then act on it.

Become a Life Coach Who Wouldn’t Fear the Spotlight

One way to do this is to conduct yourself like you are a public figure.  What you need to be a coach who is under constant scrutiny by the public is the same integrity you will need to actually become a life coach.  Are you being appropriate?  What would you be doing if you were already living your dream?  How would you conduct your life if you knew people were watching?  If you do this, many of your goals will start happening.

Your Future Will Dictate What You Need to Be a Coach

What you need to be a coach is to define who you want to be in the future.  Once you are clear that you want to become a life coach, start being that person despite what people say or what your environment looks like.  Let’s face it, reputations come and go.  But as long as you know who you are nothing can change that.  And your world will eventually reflect who you are on the inside.

Become a Life Coach Who Knows Who They Are

So what you need to be a coach is to step into your future.  Know who you are despite what your circumstances are.  Find out what some of the actions are that you would take once you become a life coach are.  As you start taking those actions, you build up your beliefs about who you are.  And if you find yourself using an old behavior, remind yourself that’s how you used to be.  At some point you will realize that what you have been seeking to achieve is who you have been all along.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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