What is Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coaching?

Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coaching is a coaching and consulting business in Massachusetts which provides these services to school district leaders. It is owned and operated by Katie Gray.

Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coaching
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Who is Katie Gray?

Katie has nearly 30 years in public administration as a counselor and administrator. Before starting Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coaching, she was a project coordinator for public schools, a director of student services, and a school counselor. She also currently works as an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts – Boston.

In addition to her coaching practice, she also speaks at workshops and events geared toward secondary school administrators and counselors, offering words of wisdom and ways to support career and college readiness for students. She also serves on the Board of Education’s Task Force for the Integration of College and Career Readiness.

Since Massachusetts is consistently listed as one of the best state public school systems (often listen as No. 1), Katie has years of experience being a part of and helping contribute to successful schools in a position of leadership. She brings this experience with her as a coach and a consultant.

About Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coaching

This coaching and consulting practice was opened in 2007 and serves many school districts, including Agawam, Fitchburg, Holyoke, Lexington, Plymouth, Quincy, Salem, and others. Besides offering individualized coaching and consulting to administrators and counselors in various school districts, she also consults with the Commonwealth Corporation and the Collaborative for Educational Services on their Department of Youth Services Initiative.

Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coaching offers a range of data-driven services to its clients which can help bring about systemic change in curriculum and school counseling models, and support every student’s pursuit of college or career readiness. What a Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coach – that’s Katie – does is help empower administrators and counselors to make choices that will help bring out the unique potential in each and every student, and empower them to become successful no matter their career or college choice.

Coaches Can Create Change

No matter what you coach, how long you’ve been coaching, or who you coach, coaches create change. From leadership potential to goal setting to the development of successful strategic plans, coaches can be a critical component of positive change.

When considering something as crucial to our future as the education of our children and young adults, it seems only logical to bring in experienced coaches. Teaching the future leaders of America is no easy task – having experienced coaches and consultants to assist with this daunting task is major step for continued success.

Coaches can guide, empower, educate, train, inspire, motivate, and clarify. Coaches can make success more likely. Coaches can make a huge difference.
Katie Gray and Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coaching help bring about changes in the field of public school administration and counseling. She can make success much more likely. She can help you make a difference!

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