What is the UT Dallas Executive Coaching Program?

The UT – Dallas Executive Coaching Program is called the Leadership, Organizational Development and Executive Coaching Program at the Naveen Jindal School of Management. The University of Texas as Dallas provides a comprehensive graduate-level education for individuals seeking to pursue a professional coaching career or who want to understand organizational behavior and coaching.

UT Dallas Executive Coaching Program
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Accredited and Recognized by the International Coach Federation

The UT Dallas Executive Coaching Program earned the Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) designation from the ICF in 2007, after only two years. It was one of the first accredited university programs that offer a professional certification that can be earned with distance learning.

The program provided, and continues to provide, an opportunity for professionals to earn a certification in executive coaching. It provided a way to enter a fast-growing field; a way to learn the skills needed to succeed and prosper in a dynamic environment.

What Does the UT Dallas Executive Coaching Program Offer?

The UT program offers:

A Master of science Degree in Leadership and Organizational Development with a concentration in Executive Coaching.

  • A professional certificate without academic credit.
  • A professional degree and academic credit, which can be applied to an MS degree.
  • A state-of-the-art method to obtain a degree online through web conferences and
    video recordings.
  • Engaging and interactive courses.

Who Should Take a Professional Executive Coaching Program?

The program at the University of Texas – Dallas is offered to all individuals interested in learning more about coaching and organizational behavior. The UT- Dallas executive coach program is perfect for:

  • Individuals interested in entering the coaching profession.
  • Individuals who are already coaches, and who are seeking advanced training and a relevant advanced degree.
  • Corporate coaches and HR professionals seeking to improve their organizational and coaching skills.
  • Coaches who seek to move their business from coaching clients to coaching the coaches.

Things to Consider Before You Become an Executive Coach

Before you start applying to the UT – Dallas Executive Coaching Program, take a few moments to consider what it takes to become a successful executive coach. It’s a great career, but it’s not an easy one. Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Are you willing to work part time at first? Coaches often build their practice while working part time. Basically, don’t quit your day job at first unless you can afford to make less than full-time income for a period of time.
  • Are you willing to invest the time it takes to build a successful business? Every business takes time; coaching is no exception. Do you have the focus and patience to make it work?
    Do you have the basic skills need to be a great coach? Empathy, patience, the ability to ask powerful questions, the willingness to continue learning, and a strong work ethic are essential to becoming a successful coach.
  • Are you willing to think outside the box? Coaches can make decent money coaching, but the field is getting competitive, and those who are willing to be adaptable, flexible, and think outside the lines will have the greatest chance for success.
  • If you can answer yes to these questions, and you fit the program requirements, then you should consider the UT – Dallas Executive Coaching program.

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