What is Online Coaching? Good Question!

Rather than being cute about what online coaching is, let’s just look at a few ways that a coach can generate business and deliver services over the internet. To make this most useful, I am going to be pretty broad in my definition of the internet.

Finding Clients Online

The idea is actually to be “findable” online. To do this you need to create a presence online and use key words and pay per click advertising, so when people are looking for the solution to their problem, you pop-up. Notice it isn’t your charm or good looks or even your amazing technical skills that they are looking for. No. They are looking for the solution to a problem that they have, that they know they have, and that they want solved that counts. So you need to have a website, simple or complex, that they can find that leads them first to the conclusion that you have the solution to their most pressing problem.

Using the Internet to Deliver Online Coaching Services

There are two parts to this point, and the second part is in the next section. What I am addressing here is delivering online coaching, just as you would deliver live coaching, but over the internet. Think of the internet as a phone, or a seminar delivery system, or communicating back and forth by passing notes. The great thing is that you can deliver your message live and in the process record your message for later use – pretty cool and very useful.

Delivering Coaching Information Products Online

Packaging information for reuse brings us to the next point. Online coaching can mean delivering your coaching via information products over the internet. If you deliver your message in regularly schedules communications, consider delivering them as podcasts which your clients can subscribe to. They set it up once, and then download your messages automatically. Or take your latest webinar (i.e. seminar delivered over the web) and have them enter their credit card number, pay for it and have it delivered in a download in seconds.

Hopefully you get the idea – the sky’s the limit!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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    Hi Dave,

    You suggested some really great ideas for online coaching. You are right. The sky is the limit. I think initially it takes time to set everything up so you have informational products available. However, once “a system” is set up, it becomes easier to provide solutions to problems that marketers have online. Online coaching is a great way to develop products. The great thing is the material can be continually advanced as you develop your skill sets. Thanks!

    Raena Lynn

  2. says

    Great information and good techniques introduce in this lesson. Coach is someone who is coach-able, I am sure some of your tips will be use toward my success. Thanks

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