What is Lifestyle Fitness Coaching?

What is lifestyle fitness coaching? Is it a niche that is a good fit for your coach practice? Is it something you think might be right for you?

Fitness Coach
Fitness Coach

What is lifestyle Fitness Coaching?

A lifestyle fitness coach is a life coach for fitness professionals. It can also be life coaching for athletes and anyone in sports and athletics. It is basically for anyone involved with a fitness or sports lifestyle. This might be the next revolution in the fitness coaching industry.

Become a Fitness Lifestyle Coach

There are many reasons to get into the lifestyle fitness coaching business. Here are a few of them:

  • Be around fitness professionals and individuals who live the fitness lifestyle every day.
  • Work with clients who have the passion, motivation, and work ethic to make real changes in their lives. Work with clients who are dedicated to making real changes.
  • Learn new theories, skills, and exercises designed for top health and fitness – be on the cutting edge of fitness and health.
  • There is a great opportunity to make good income in the fitness business.
  • This niche narrows your target market, but also decreases the competition. Be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. You can brand yourself an expert more easily with less competition.
  • It’s a great field for creating additional streams of income. Fitness books, DVDs, videos, and information is in demand. These additional products are a great way to boost your income and increase your brand exposure.
  • You get to help others achieve their fitness goals while you work on your own fitness goals.

The Evolution of the Fitness Coaching industry

In the beginning, fitness coaching was dominated by personal trainers and part-time workers. However, as demand increased, more fitness professionals entered the field in a full-time capacity. Fitness coaching was also dominated by a one-dimensional approach to getting in shape – a biomechanical approach that helped clients learned about exercise. Unfortunately, as the industry matured, this approach was insufficient for many clients looking for help in changing behavior and seeking a more holistic approach to fitness.

This search for a more holistic approach led to the merging of life coaching with personal trainers or fitness coaches. This, in turn, led to a niche that involved coaching fitness professionals –  lifestyle fitness coaching.

Fitness coaching has become a professional field in which clients demand a high level of skill, knowledge, and ability. Do you have the ability to coach these coaches to become better at the jobs? Do you have the ability to coach these coaches to become better at balancing life and work?

Everyone Needs a Fitness Coach

The fitness coaching industry continues to grow, and there is an increasing demand for fitness coaching professionals. This means more clients for your lifestyle fitness coaching business. This means more potential clients for whom you can find outcomes. This means more work and more income!

Take advantage of this high demand and get your fitness coaching certification, and then gradually move into the fitness lifestyle coaching niche.

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  1. Kimberly says

    This is a great idea for those health buffs who want to help others become fit and live a healthy life. Lifestyle Fitness Coaching is something worth considering.

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