How to Be Your Best Fitness Coach?

Being your best fitness coach refers both to being the best coach you can be for your clients and also to being the best role model you can be for your clients. Being your best fitness coach means you have the right attitude to help yourself and help others achieve their fitness and health goals.

3 Keys to Being Your Best Fitness Coach

Being the best fitness coach you can be doesn’t start with being in better shape than all the other fitness coaches. The first key is attitude. Your best fitness coaching opportunity to impress begins with the right attitude.

You have to start looking at the glass as half-full, or better yet, completely full. You don’t have to be a Pollyanna, but you should be able to bring in some sunshine when you walk in the room. If you bring people down when you enter a room, you just might need an attitude adjustment.

  • Can you get yourself in the best shape of your life? say Yes!
  • Can you get your clients to be in the best shape of their lives. say Yes!
  • Do you believe in the power of positive thinking. Of course, say Yes!
  • Can you get your clients to believe in the power of positive thinking. Once again, you must say Yes!
  • Yes – being your best fitness coach means you are being the best fitness coach you can be.

Once your attitude is adjusted properly, then you can focus on being a role model for your clients. You can’t show up at a training session with a beer belly, flabby arms, and smoking a cigar. The second key is your fitness level. To be a fitness coach, you must live a life of fitness.

A fifty-year old fitness coach will look different than a twenty-year old fitness coach, but both need to be in superior shape for their age group. You want your clients to look up to you and aspire to be like you.

The third key to being your best fitness coach is knowledge. Most individuals who aspire to become fitness coaches know their way around a gym, but it takes more than just the knowledge of how to do a bench press or a leg squat to fully engage your clients.

You must also possess a reasonable knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, supplementation, injuries, and behavior modification techniques. In addition, you should have a good understanding of how different age groups, and men and women, respond to various exercises and routines. Knowledge is definitely power in any business, and the more you possess, the more you will be in demand.

Being a fitness coach looks like an easy gig to some people. Hey, you get to hang out at a gym all day or go to someone’s home and help them workout – anyone could do that, right? Sure, anyone could do that, but not everyone can do it well. With competition increasing all the time, you want to be the best fitness coach you can be, and to do that, it takes attitude, fitness, and knowledge.

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  1. Sherill says

    I completely agree! To become a great fitness coach you have to exude positivity to your clients and be an example to them. Live life healthy and with a positive attitude.

  2. Celine says

    Becoming a fitness coach is not an easy task. Like you said you need the right attitude, being physically fit and having the knowledge of how to keep healthy and eat right.

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