What is Executive Assessment Coaching?

Executive assessment coaching is very similar to executive coaching, but can be targeted as a nice within the executive coaching field. If you are working as an executive coach and struggling to find new clients, one way to separate yourself is to create a new niche – a niche that allows you to keep your target market, but offers you the opportunity to rebrand yourself.

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Business Coaching

What is Executive Assessment?

Understanding what is required to succeed and excel is essential for both individual and organizational achievement and advancement. Assessment is properly conducted through inquiry and basic core competencies of coaching. By using behavioral interviews, psychological assessments, and goal identification, an executive assessment coach can get to the core of an individual’s or an organization’s strength and weaknesses.

What is Executive Coaching?

Many executives struggle to meet the demands of their positions and the complexities of their responsibilities, and are too busy to take a step back and learn from the mistakes (or successes). This is where an executive coach can help. Through inquiry, conversation, assessments, and feedback, a coach can help the executive identify and clarify goals, design a map to reach those goals, and create a viable process for measuring achievement towards those goals.

What is Executive Assessment Coaching?

Executive assessment coaching is basically executive coaching with a new name. Remember, we’re trying to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. To be an effective assessment coach, you must offer more than the other coaches, and since you have included assessment in your title, it’s logical to offer them the very best in assessments.

To be an expert in executive assessment coaching, you must be an expert in coaching assessments. You must be skilled in personality (trait-based and type-based), behavioral, and career assessments. You must understand how to measure organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

There are hundreds of assessments test you can learn, including ones that focus on:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-actualization
  • Stress coping ability
  • Work/life balance
  • Entrepreneurial assessments
  • Selling or telling assessments
  • Marketing analysis and assessments

You should also be skilled in the various types of learning, and be able to assess how your client learn. There are visual, auditory, and tactile learners, and the ability to recognize early in the process which type your client is, will give you a head start over the competition.

Executive assessment coaching also means you must have a deep understanding of the way organizations work. You must be able to coach team work while also appealing to each individual’s self-interest.

If you have gone into executive coaching, you most likely have some experience in the corporate world. You have dealt with organizational issues and have been part of a team. If you focus on acquiring as much knowledge as you can, through workshops, seminars, coaching programs and classes, and books and DVDs, about coaching and organizational assessments, you can then call yourself an executive assessment coach. This experience when combined with your knowledge of assessments will help you define this new niche of executive assessment coaching.

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  1. Dominic Lubrin says

    I do believe that this niche within executive coaching would be a very helpful as well as a lucrative field.Two Thumbs UP!!

  2. Reena Reyes says

    As explained, executive assessment coaching is a niche within executive coaching where assessment tools are used to determine the effectivity of the executive or the organization to achieve his or its goals.

  3. Sherly says

    Since there are a lot more executive coaches out there, it is important to find a new strategy as to how you can become better than the others. This post was really helpful.

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