What Good is a Career Coach Certificate if You Still Don’t Have Enough Clients? Read This Before You Invest in Another Coaching Training Program

Career Coach Certificates and Coaching Training Doesn’t Work

Do you have a career coach certificate and still can’t find enough clients? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most coaching training programs teach you coaching techniques, but fall short when teaching ways for coaches to find clients, let alone grateful clients who pay cash and refer people. Is that too much to ask for? Of course not. So before you sign up for another coaching training program and try to get an advanced career coach certificate in hopes of finally getting more clients, read on.

How Worthless is Your Career Coach Certificate, Really?

Last week a client sent me a referral. When I phoned this “warm lead”, the guy had the audacity to tell me to email him with my qualifications and he would get back to me. I responded that an email with my qualifications wouldn’t really give him much information about what to expect from a coaching session, and I was offering him a gift of one hour of my time so he could experience a coaching session first hand.

If I had emailed him with the latest career coach certificate or coaching training diploma, he would not be my client today. Why? He told me after his free session. “Wow! I never would have guessed that a session like this could be so valuable by reading an email or looking at a web page.”

The other reason why not to send these prospects your career coach certificate, or even 10 if you have that many, is because you are no longer the leader. If you start following orders, you will loose all hopes of leading these prospective clients toward their goals. It’s a test. And if you buy into it, you will be a slave to those requests.

The Ultimate Career Coach Certificate? Coaching Training on How to Stand up For Yourself

One client said she didn’t want to pay long distance charges. What would have happened if I said, “Oh, it’s ok. I’ll call you. And by the way, I’ll send you a copy of my career coach certificate.”? At that moment she was saying that she didn’t value my time. What you say next means more to them than any career coach certificate or coaching training diploma. Be the coach. Step up to the plate and coach them into showing up for that free session. Believe in the value you can offer. And if you can’t provide enough massive value to your clients during a free session for them to want to sign up for coaching, then you may need more coaching training. But make your decision based on what you will learn, and not what type of certificate you will get.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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