What Does it Take to Become a Life Coach?

What does it take to become a life coach? Are there any specific legal or educational requirements to become a life coach? Any personality traits that predict success in the coaching business?

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What Does it Take to Become a Life Coach – Yuttana Jeenamool © 123RF.com

Education Needed to Become a Life Coach

No college degree is needed to become a life coach; in fact, no high school diploma is required for you to hang out a shingle and call yourself a life coach. However, do you think clients want to pay good money to be coached by someone without any education or training?

Coaching is a highly competitive business and is becoming more professional every year. Clients will look for degrees and certificates when hiring a coach. Though it’s good to have a college degree, it’s more important to have accredited coach training.

What does it take to be a life coach? Training, for one thing.

Legal Requirements to Become a Life Coach

Like education, there are no legal hurdles you have to jump to become a coach. Anyone can call themselves a coach and start advertising for clients. But, clients aren’t going to hire just anyone.
Certifications are not necessary, but they do matter. Are you certified in your field? Do you have multiple certifications? Was your training from an accredited coaching program? Was it accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)?

If you are going to open a practice, there may be legal requirements in your area? Business license, tax permit, fictitious business name filing, zoning permit – these are a few of the administrative items you must check before starting a business.

The Personality Requirements of a Life Coach

What does it take to become a life coach? Well, forget the educational and legal requirements for a moment. Think about your personality. Do you have what it takes Do you have the right personality attributes to make it in the business?

In basketball there’s an expression: You can’t teach height. In coach: You can’t teach personality.

What Does it take to Become a Life Coach?

Here are a few of the personality traits all coaches possess. How about you?

  • Empathy – you can’t coach if you can’t put yourself in the client’s shoes.
  • Incredible Listener – you can’t coach, if you can’t listen, and by listen, I mean, active listening.
  • Curious – do you have a burning desire to know, to find out, to discover?
  • Grateful – are you grateful for the things you have – the ability to coach, the abundance of your life, the joy of living?
  • Visionary – are you able to rise above the noise and see the forest through the trees. If you don’t know what I mean, you probably aren’t a visionary.
  • Observant – this means highly observant – you are able to spot the tiniest of behaviors, changes, or emotions in people.
  • Ethical – this is perhaps the number one response for some coaches when you ask the question: What does it take to become a life coach? You must be ethical and honest when accepting money from clients and building their trust.
  • Dedicated learner – do you desire to know more? Do you have a consistent thirst for more knowledge and skills? Great coaches do.
  • Objectivity – you aren’t a best friend or a worst enemy. You are an objective partner for each of your clients.

What does it take to become a life coach? The right education, an adherence to the minimal legal requirements, and the essential personality traits all life coaches possess. Is this you?

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