What Does it take to be a Coach?

What does it take to be a life coach? Does it take any special skills? Any special education? Does it take specific attributes that only certain people possess?

What Does it Take to be a Coach
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Can anyone become a life coach?

Who Can Become a Coach?

Not everyone has what it takes to be a life coach. Not everyone has the innate attributes needed to succeed in this competitive and special field. But, you may have what it takes. That’s why it’s important to do some self-analysis before you decide to pursue coaching as a career.

What does it take to be a coach? First of all, it takes some self-awareness, self-perception, and self-analysis. Determine if you have the traits that successful coaches possess:

  • Natural motivator. Do you have the special skill that motivates and inspires?
    Curiosity. Curiosity may kill the cat, but it makes the coach. Are you the curious sort?
  • Good listener. Do people naturally tell you their secrets, problems, and fears. You may be a natural coach and not know it!
  • Optimist. This doesn’t mean you need a pie-in-the-sky outlook on life, but you should be naturally positive and optimistic.
  • Empathetic. Are you able to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Can you sympathize and feel what others may feel? If you have trouble relating to and understanding the problems and circumstances of others, coaching may not be best for you.
  • Honest. Coaching is transparent and honest. Your clients will be able to see through the bs. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to coaching.

What does it take to be a coach? Start with these traits. You can certainly work to improve any of these traits but having something in the tank before you decide to become a coach is probably advantageous.

What Does it Take to be a Coach?

One trait often ignored when talking about the attributes needed to become a successful coach is guts. That’s right – what does it take to be a coaching success story? That’s right – it takes guts!

It takes guts to:

  • Start a business, even a part-time one.
  • Quit you day job and become a full-time coach.
  • Commit a life-long pursuit of knowledge, education, and training.
  • To work with the dreams and fears of others.
  • To claim to be an expert in helping others.
  • To seek out outcomes clients are seeking.
  • To communicate deeply and thoroughly.
  • To attempt to transform someone’s life.
  • To be a coach!

It takes Guts to Challenge Someone’s Thinking

As a coach, you are constantly challenging your clients. Challenging them to overcome obstacles. Challenging them to reach for their goals. Challenging them to trust you with their personal or professional happiness and success.

What can be more intimate and transformative than altering the way someone thinks and believes? It’s not an easy task nor is it easy to achieve results. Do you have what it takes?

What does it take to be a coach? Start with guts.

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