What Do Clients Want From an Accredited Life Coach?

Accredited life coaches listen up – do you really know what a client wants from an accredited life coach? Do you really understand your clients wants and needs? Do you fully comprehend how you are being evaluated?

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4 Questions Clients Ask Themselves About Life Coaching

  1. Do I trust my life coach?
  2. Do I have a comfortable and open rapport with my life coach?
  3. Am I seeing results from the coaching?
  4. Is it really worth the money?

4 Questions Life Coaches Should be Asking Themselves

  1. Have I built up a level of trust with my clients?
  2. Am I able to ask the right questions, actively listen to their answers, and make them feel comfortable?
  3. Are my clients getting the results and outcomes they seek?
  4. Am I charging the right amount for my services?

An Accredited Life Coach is Not a Therapist

One more question you should be asking yourself – does your client really need therapy? In some ways, coaching is similar to therapy, but they diverge in important ways. Coaching and therapy both help a client become more functional. However, there are crucial differences:

  1. Coaching focuses more on the present and the future.
  2. Coaching focuses more on behaviors, goals, and ways to achieve those goals than on emotions and emotional patterns.
  3. There is a more equal balance of power between an accredited life coach and a client than there is between a therapist and a client.
  4. A coach focuses more on allowing the client to find their own solutions and create their own roadmaps to success.

Life Coaching is Hot – Your Clients Expect Alot!

Because life coaching is part of a rapidly growing profession, you are faced with high levels of competition. Competition is good for the industry, but it also means you have to know your stuff and get results. Clients will expect results, and if they don’t get them, they will move on to the next accredited life coach.

Clients Will Know Who You Are Before You Know Who They Are

Most clients will do their due diligence before booking a session with you. They will get referrals and peruse the Internet for reviews and testimonials. They will check your credentials and certifications before they call you to book an appointment. They will know you before you know them. So, make sure what they know is all good. Get accredited, have the right certifications for your specialty, treat all clients with respect (even those that decide to drop you as a coach), and do your best to get the outcomes the clients seek.

Many experts advise clients that individuals will get out of the coaching experience what they put into it. It’s the same for an accredited life coach – you will get out of it what you put into it. If you put hard work, passion, education, targeted promotion, and a constant ability to adapt and evolve, you will get the desired personal and financial rewards.

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  1. Sherill says

    Great information to know and to live by as a life coach. As a life coach your goal is to help your clients achieve their dreams and aspirations in life, both personal and professional. Knowing what clients need, want and how to go about these things is vital.

  2. Katrina says

    Knowing what your prospective clients want from you, helps you prepare to do your job efficiently and effectively. Thanks for sharing.

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