Using Olympic Strategies to Become a Life Coach: What’s Really Keeping You From Becoming a Coach

Of all the people I’ve ever spoken to who say they want to become a life coach, few actually make it. Is becoming a coach that difficult? Sure, it’s not as easy as it would seem to become a life coach, but what’s the problem? If you are more than just “interested” in becoming a coach, then you can dramatically increase the probability of your success by looking at what others have done.

In Some Ways, Becoming a Coach Is Like Having the “Olympic Dream”

The truth is there is no secret to becoming a coach. If you want to become a life coach, you’re going to have to commit yourself to the process. You need the get a taste of the “Olympic Dream.”

If You Want to Become a Life Coach, You Have to Be Ready to Train

Becoming a coach is a lot like training for the Olympics. If you want to go to the Olympics, you’re going to have to get a coach and train. Not just for a few months, but for years. If you want to become a life coach, it’s no different.

Don’t Count on Natural Talent to Become a Life Coach

Sure there are those athletes who seem to come out of nowhere and experience “instant success,” and the same goes for becoming a coach. There are those rare few who can become a life coach in a relatively short time. Some people are just more talented than others. But, isn’t it true that the reason why the Olympics gets some of the highest TV ratings is because we all hope that somehow we might achieve greatness, too?

Becoming a Life Coach Really Boils Down to One Thing

What separates those who just think about going to the Olympics (or becoming a coach) from those who actually do it, boils down to one thing: commitment. You wouldn’t expect someone to make it to the Olympics without years of hard work, sacrifice and set-backs. What makes you think you can become a life coach without giving up your “comfortable” life? Whether it’s staying up late writing blogs, taking a second job or giving up your $4 vanilla lattes to pay for coaches training; you’re going to give up some of that comfort is you really want to change your life.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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