Use Online Free Coaching to Get Paid Clients

Online free coaching seems like a good deal for the client and not for the coach. After all, the client is getting something for free and the coach is giving away his time and knowledge without being compensated for it. Doesn’t sound like a good deal for the coach, does it?

Online Free Coaching
Online Free Coaching – Marek Uliasz ©

People Love Free Stuff

Everyone knows that people love to get free stuff. You like to get free things, I like to get free things, and everyone else loves free! Giving away free coaching is one way to endear you to many new clients. They like free and consequently, they will like your coaching.

Free is an Incentive to try Your Coaching

Online free coaching can serve as an incentive for a potential client to try your coaching services. It probably won’t hurt your bottom line to give away a free coaching session from time to time.
It might be good for your bottom line to offer a free session for anyone who wants to try your services. If you offer this kind of incentive, you will need to carefully calculate your conversion rate. How many of these free online sessions have turned into paying customers? How many have turned into long-term paying customers?

Are Your Online Free Coaching Sessions Worth it?

It is important to measure and assess this approach of offering free online coach sessions. After a period of time, perhaps a month, simply calculate the number of free sessions you have given. Let’s say you have done 10 online free coaching sessions and your normal coaching rate is $100 per hour. You have given away $1000 worth of your coaching expertise.

Now, let’s calculate what you have gotten from those free sessions. Let’s say you have gotten two clients for one session each, and with the possibility of more. You have also gotten two clients to sign up for one of your packages – perhaps you have a three-month package for $800. So, you have earned $100 x 2 = $200, and $800 x 2 = $1600.

In this example, you have made $1800 (with a chance for more) while giving away $1000 worth of services. Not a bad deal!

You also have to consider that offering an online free coaching session is not actually the same as paying $100 for promotion. Yes, your rime is valuable, but online sessions are sometimes easier than person-to-person sessions as they allow for you to do something else while giving the session. You can sort papers, clean your desk, type up a report, or pay the bills while you are doing some online coaching.

When you give away ten sessions (at $100), you don’t actually need to make more than $1000 to feel as if your online free coaching is worth it. Only you can decide where the breakeven point is. If you are just starting out, you will probably accept less return on your free investment – every client is valuable when you don’t have any! If you are a more experienced coach, you may need to have a higher conversion rate for it to seem beneficial.

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  1. Christine says

    I agree that giving away free coaching is worth it. Just think of it as a marketing expense. You are able to showcase yourself during your sessions. People will see how you are as a coach and if they will like what they see they will book you for another session and this time it will be a paid one!

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