Transformational Coaching, Leadership Training, and the King of Coaching

Transformational coaching, leadership training, and success go hand in hand. If you can combine these two life-changing types of coaching in your practice, you have clients beating down your door and handing over their hard-earned money for your coaching services.

Transformational Coaching Leadership Training
Transformational Coaching Leadership Training – Illia Uriadnikov ©

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaching is a form of life coaching that works on more than just how clients act and behave. It goes deeper – working on the way clients actually view themselves. It works on their self-perception, self-image, limitations, expectations, and self-awareness.

What is Leadership Training?

The most common use of leadership training is for executives, business leaders, or even athletic coaches. However, training to be a leader can be useful for everyone. Just recognizing that you have to power of your own life is a form of leadership.

Life coaches who offer leadership training can appeal to anyone – from an individual merely seeking to reach their goals, or to an organizational leader seeking to enhance performance and bottom line

It’s for everyone!

Transformational Coaching, Leadership Training, and More

Life coaches often attempt to narrow their focus in order to reach a specific target market or decrease their competition. This is one of the best ways to build your expertise, reputation, and profits.

However, the other way to go is to increase your expertise by adding transformational coaching, leadership training, and more.

If you can offer a more powerful life coaching experience, with additional paths to client outcomes and success, you will be more likely to succeed in the competitive field of life coaching.

Become a Transformational Coach

Though any coach can call themselves a transformational coach, it helps to have the training and certification. There are coach training programs which use transformational in the title – check these out to see if they offer a transformational coach certification. Also, make sure they are accredited, ideally by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

How to Become a Leadership Coach

If you want to offer transformational coaching, leadership training, and more, then you need to pursue a certification in leadership coaching. Many of the programs which offer this focus on organizational leadership. Even if you end up working with individuals outside of organizations, this type of certification is beneficial. It shows to clients that you have the training and skills to help them improve their leadership abilities.

With these two certifications, clients will recognize your transformational coach, leadership training, and life coaching skills.

More Coaching Skills Equals More Expertise Which Means More Profits

When you increase your expertise and ability to find outcomes which the clients seek, you put yourself in a position to attract and retain more clients. You become an expert. You become the go-to coach in your area.

Your client base increases, client retention becomes easier, and marketing becomes more efficient as word-of-mouth becomes a significant portion of your promotional capabilities.

By earning certifications and expanding your life coaching to include transformational coaching, leadership training, and even more, you set yourself apart from most other life coaches. You set yourself up for success!

You set yourself up to be the king of coaching!

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