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Coaching is a very simple business to start and you can start a coaching business from scratch in less than six months using the Master Coach University Quickstart Coaching Code program. Developed by Jeffrey T Sooey, founder of the Master Coach University, this system aims to help his coaches build their coaching businesses and get more clients through massive action.

Introducing this program through a webinar, he uses a very interesting analogy known as the PIES quickstart strategy to teach his coaches how to get more clients, i.e. the coach should not be flipping empty plates with no food on them, he should be flipping pies instead. This simply means instead of doing non-income generating activities, a coach should focus on getting more clients. PIES stands for Partners, Internet, Events, Sessions—four key areas that will help kickstart your new coaching business and turn you into a well-paid coach. Partners, the Internet and events are key ingredients for turning prospects into paying clients who enroll in your coaching sessions.

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Let’s Flip Some PIES Using the Master Coach University Quickstart Coaching Code

How can the Master Coach University Quickstart PIES strategy turn your coaching business into a well-oiled machine? The first step is to partner with businesses, coaches, speakers, authors or anybody who already works with lots of clients. By creating reciprocal partnerships, you can create multiple streams of income and clients. There are many ways you can create long-lasting partnerships, for instance asking your partner(s) to promote you in a live event, a seminar, a webinar or a conference call, and vice versa.

The next area you can tap into is the Internet and using it to give the entire world access to your coaching. By using Internet marketing strategies such as Facebook or Google ads, search engine optimization, squeeze or landing pages, autoresponders, and emails, you can have a fully automated system that will build clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Building authority in coaching can be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out. There’s a lot of noise online or offline, so it’s up to you to make sure you stand out. One way you can build authority in coaching is by speaking at events, whether it’s a Toastmasters event or an event in a university. Get in front of people in person, appeal to them, and stand out. More often than not, people are going to remember seeing a coach give a speech in person more than they’ll remember one of the dozen webinars they watch in a month.

Once you have done one of or all of the above, you’ll have plenty of prospects coming your way. How are you going to convert them into paying clients? The answer is to offer free sessions based on where they came from. For example, if they came from your partnerships, you can customize an initial free coaching session to their niche audience. And if they originated from your Internet marketing strategies, you can use email to offer a session. Finally, if they came through events, you can offer a session mid-way through your talk. During the initial session, get to know your client, know their goals (and coach them), assess your client’s motivation, and invite them to continue coaching. Once you have paid sessions running, it’s important that you provide value for the price they pay.

Apart from the PIES strategy, the Master Coach University Quickstart Coaching Code Program also stresses the importance of effective communications in building rapport and growing successful relationships with prospects and clients. Incorporate these ideas in your coaching business, master them, and you will be well on your way to a successful business!

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