Top International Coaching Certification Organizations

Are you interested in international coaching certification but don’t know where to start? It’s normal. There are many options out there, and each organization touts its pros and cons, but which one is right for you? Below are what we consider to be some of the top organizations.

First off, though, here are the benefits of having international coaching certification:   

  • It enhances your credibility – It elevates your professional profile and credibility by a recognizable third party and demonstrates accountability to clients and colleagues.
  • Personal development – By attending any course and examining your beliefs, you will invariably be challenged in new ways by people with different opinions, thought processes and ideas, who may have had entirely different experiences from you up until that point in time. 
  • Positive professional reflection – Once certified, you now have a standard of excellence to which you can hold yourself accountable and from which others can judge your progress as a coach and trainer. 

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  • Client confidence – As a certified coach or trainer, your clients and future clients will likely feel more comfortable engaging you to help them achieve their goals because they understand what they are getting into, who you are or what type of service they can expect from you.
  • Your confidence – Becoming a certified coach or trainer gives you confidence not only in yourself but in what profession you have chosen and how committed you are to living up to its standards.

5 Top International Coaching Certification Organizations

This list is not an endorsement of any one certifying body over another, nor a comparison. It simply provides a resource that coaches can use to consider which organization might be best for them.

International Coaching Federation

Established in 1995, The International Coach Federation (ICF) is dedicated to high ethical and professional excellence standards, both personal and organizational. 

It aims to foster a community of trust where members can learn from each other while sharing insights on individual coaching, consulting, and training approaches. 

As such, it has created an environment that supports personal growth and self-discovery and professional development. 

Certified ICF coaches earn recognition based on their credentials combined with their commitment to continuing education through at least two continuing education credits every year throughout their careers. 

If you’re serious about becoming a highly respected life or business coach or want to know if becoming one would be right for you, then you should consider getting certified by ICF.

Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE)

CCE’s coaching certification program is designed to allow coaches to demonstrate their ability to advance, support and sustain a career in coaching. 

The program offers an opportunity for both new coaches to start on solid ground and for experienced coaches who want to fine-tune or update their skills. This gives you all your material right at your fingertips. 

CCE certification for life coaches provides you with a badge of accomplishment. It allows you to show that you have gone through a recognized achievement process and demonstrate your commitment to coaching excellence.

European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

EMCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring and coaching in Europe.

It offers support and information to anyone involved in mentoring and coaching in Europe, promotes professional practice standards throughout Europe, and links mentoring professionals with each other through various services.

To become a certified coach under their jurisdiction, candidates must successfully pass an exam, followed by additional hours of training to be fully accredited. They also host several workshops throughout Europe each year where people interested in becoming coaches can learn more about what is entailed in building a practice and how best to go about doing so. 

As with most other international coaching certifications, EMCC offers life coaching, executive coaching and corporate coaching. 

The International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M)

IAPC&M is also among the best international coaching certifications available today. 

This certification program targets both coaches and mentors who have been certified by its board of examiners. The IAPC&M ensures that its members always act ethically, upholding both their status as members of a respected group and as professionals working with clients.

Like other certificate programs, it offers life coach certification and executive coach certification to ensure that anyone who joins has received the proper training to set them apart from their peers.

Final Remarks

International coaching certifications provide excellent educational and networking opportunities and a higher level of accountability. Becoming a certified coach or life coach opens up your world to many new and exciting opportunities that are not always available to non-certified professionals. 

Since certification is becoming increasingly important for prospective coaches, it’s best to start early when looking into international coaching certifications.

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