How to Become a Dating Coach: Coaches Training on Identifying The 3 Main Types of Men

If you want to become a dating coach, the first thing you will need to learn is how to quickly categorize the 3 main personality types of men. Of course, some women will be better suited as matches for each type as well, but others might be able to date across categories. In order to become a dating coach, you will need to be able to appreciate the strengths and Achilles’ heels of each category.

Coaches Training Disclaimer: For the sake of discussion, we will assume that men do not switch categories and no category is better than another. Some men may have a secondary trait, but no one is a perfect balance of all three. There is variation within each group, but I chose some extreme cases here to help paint better pictures.

  • The Leader: This one is self explanatory. This is the guy who runs the company, he runs his home, and it’s his way or the highway. Usually a very good provider, for women who want to be taken care of financially. This is a dominant , masculine guy, who wants to be in control. The perfect woman for this guy is faithful, loyal and obedient. Once a woman has won his confidence, he will build marble statues of her. Or maybe I should say, he will have them made. If you want to become a dating coach for this type of guy, make sure he is clear about what he wants so that he is shopping in the right aisle. Look at your coaches training notes to make sure you allow him to make choices and suggestions.
  • Mr. Steady: He will not change directions quickly. This guy will not invent a light bulb, but he will build a factory and run a factory that will produce them. He might be a doctor, or teaching coaches training programs. This type is looking for a resourceful, hardworking woman who is self-sufficient. He is dependable, so he is always in demand. He is there to support other people (in business he supports the Leader type) and he comforts sick people, etc. The woman who wants her man all to herself will be miserable with this type of guy. To become a dating coach for this guy, he will have to think overnight about whether or not to work with you.
  • The Dreamer: Some people refer to this type as the Visionary. This guy doesn’t want anyone to tell him what to do, how to do it, or where to go. He is like a kite, swaying in the wind. The wrong woman for him will be like a heavy rope that pulls the kite to the ground. The right woman will be like a string, allowing the kite to soar higher and steadier. She needs to enjoy the wild ride, or at least appreciate the scenery. The Dreamer may be an inventor, or designer (perhaps a designer of coaches training programs?). The world needs the dreamer, because he is the one who seeks out injustice and slays the dragons.To become a dating coach for this type, pin him down to a deadline date for his goals before he gets started on another quest.

Now that you have enough information to get started on your quest to become a dating coach. Take some time to figure out which category you and your friends fit within. It wouldn’t hurt to get additional coaching training in assessments to help subdivide the categories a little more and help with more specific communication styles.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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