The Secret to Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Has a Recession Proof Coaching Career

who has a recession proof coaching career; it may be simple, but it’s not easy.  It involves having tough conversations with people, calling them out, and making sure that each session is valuable.  The secret to a successful coaching career is caring about providing results for your clients more than anything else, and that means you must become a relationship coach who is willing to be uncomfortable.

Take Your Coaching Career Seriously

Become a relationship coach who takes their coaching career seriously and teaches their clients the powerful effect they can have on the outcome of their relationship.   Provide accountability to help your client to stop blaming the other person and focus on their own actions.  What results do they want?  Don’t let them tell you that they want their husband to start taking out the garbage or that they want to get their wife to stop complaining.

Become a Relationship Coach Who Knows Love is Unconditional

Become a relationship coach who understands that mature love is unconditional, and know that communicating this with your clients is essential part of your coaching career.  That means loving someone when they are rich and when they’re broke, when they’re sick and when they’re healthy, when they’re nice and when they’re grouchy.  Challenge your clients to take a hard look at their own motives.  Challenge them to find out what needs their partner has, and provide accountability to help your clients start taking steps toward contributing to some of those needs.

Become a Relationship Coach That Provides Accountability

And finally, become a relationship coach who provides accountability to help their clients manage conflict.  Most arguments escalate gradually; some may even take a few days to build up.  Tit for tat, one person does something and the other reacts.  Sometimes this happens so gradually that the full blown argument seems to come out of nowhere.  Don’t play small in your coaching career, let people know that each step of the way they have control whether they react or respond.  Teach your clients that they can choose to respond and stop the escalation in its tracks, or react and let the argument build.

Become a Relationship Coach That Calls it Like it Is

When we become a relationship coach we want our clients to like us and therein lays the problem.  We want them to continue getting coaching with us, and that can make us hold back in what we say.  We don’t want to offend them.  If we do this, we become like everyone else and our coaching career is a farce.   The only way to make a difference in the world is to lay it out on the line, and make each session count.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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