The Four Steps to Becoming a Life Coach: Life Coaching Training to Guide You Down the Path of Becoming a Master Coach

Become a Master Coach by Utilizing These Steps to Becoming a Life Coach

There are several key steps to becoming a life coach who achieves mastery in coaching.  Life coaching training will make coaching as second nature as tying your shoes, eating, or performing other commonplace activities.  Human beings are learning machines, and the process of learning never stops.  Once you are aware of the steps to becoming a life coach who achieves mastery in coaching; the process becomes an enjoyable adventure rather than a frightening task.  One of they keys to life coaching training is to take advantage of and be prepared for new challenges and learning opportunities – if you are on the court, you should be learning.

Step 1:  Vision – Unconscious Incompetence.

The first of the steps to becoming a life coach is acknowledging that your coaching dream is possible.  This stage is described as unconscious incompetence, because you are unaware of your lack of ability and of the education that required to be a coach.  You have fun as you think about life coaching training and talk about it to your friends whenever possible.  You acknowledge your coaching dream is POSSIBLE and create a DESIRE in your heart.  Most coaches enjoy this stage; it is both fun and exciting.

Step 2:  Resolve – Conscious Incompetence.

After you have created your coaching vision in the second of the steps to becoming a life coach you become conscious of your incompetence.  Many coaches never enter this stage because it is too difficult for them.  Some quickly drop out of life coaching training while others are overwhelmed with how much education is required to be a coach.  The only way to continue coaching is to have a high level of resolve toward your coaching dream.  This stage is not necessarily the longest, but may feel like it.  If you’ve made it this far you should reward yourself, the majority of new coaches leave the process before getting to this far.  Try to make it fun and know that every day you enter in resolve is a victory.

Step 3:  Pursuit – Conscious Competence:

The next of the steps to becoming a life coach, is the pursuit stage.  By putting your life coaching training into action you begin to create some of the coaching results you desire, though each result takes painstaking thought and conscious discipline to achieve.  You have to plan and design every effort to go on as a coach.  In Stage 2 you are working hard, but not getting results.  At this stage you continue to put forth the same amount of effort but you begin to see some of the fruits of your labor.   For many this is the longest stage, lasting years.

Step 4:  Identity – Unconscious Mastery:

In the last of the steps to becoming a life coach you no longer think in order to create your desired outcome.  You also are able to improve without effort.  You have mastery and are sought after by others to teach life coaching training courses.   You are a master coach.

Preparedness is Key to Life Coaching Training

While of these steps to becoming a life coach is unique, it is consistently important for you to be prepared for whatever stage of life coaching training you are in.   Knowing that the challenges you face in the earlier stages are common to others may help you persevere until you reach the latter stages.  Once you reach the latter stages you will find motivation in the results you achieve.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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