The Fast-Track Academy for Coach Training

Looking around the Internet, there are hundreds of coaching programs and many seem to offer their services as a fast-track academy for coach training. What does fast-track training mean? Are these accelerator programs only for people who are not currently in the work force, or are they available to anyone with a strong desire to become a coach?

Most fast-track academies for coach training are designed for extremely motivated people who are seeking a fast-paced, certified coaching model that will provide them with all the tools to hit the ground running.

Finding a Fast-Track Academy for Coach Training

You want to be a coach – you want to be a coach now. Getting your training as quickly as possible is of paramount importance to you. If you are working, many programs offer intense weekend training that will get your certified as quickly as possible. These programs can be offered in person, via teleconference classes, or webinars. Almost every school, every academy, every training program offers some flexibility to accommodate a student’s needs.

Fast-tracking your way to the coaching business can be done whether you are working or sitting on your couch. If you are working, it will certainly take more planning, effort, and time, but it can be done. If you are currently sitting on your couch watching episodes of Family Guy eight times each day, then you can get up, get going, and be quickly on your way to doing something meaningful with your life. Forget those get-rich quick schemes, stock market gurus, or those invest with someone else’s money real estate courses, coaching is the real deal and an academy for coach training is waiting for you.

How to Find an Fast-Track Academy for Coach Training

  • The first step is to look online for available coaching programs. Search for any that mention fast-track or accelerated classes. Once you have a few that offer what you want – contact them. Write and phone them – see how quickly they respond. Any programs that take too long to respond, cross them off the list.
  • Look for programs that offer comprehensive courses on coaching, behavior, and running a business. Any programs without information on running a coaching business is lacking information you need.
  • Next, you need to decide how to take the coaching program. Determine your needs and scheduling preferences and then select the right vehicle to get your training:
  • Web-based: Taking courses online with instructional videos and online reading.
  • Tele-conference: Taking classes via telephone or teleconference.
  • School-based: Taking courses in an actual classroom setting.
  • Seminars: Learn in classes that take place in a group setting, usually in a large hall or conference room.
  • One-on-one mentoring: Learning through observation and practice from an experienced coach.

Finding a fast-track academy for coach training is the best way to jump into the coaching industry as quickly as possible. However, don’t associate the word “quick” with “easy.” Coaching is a great career, but it takes work, dedication, and plenty of effort. Becoming a coach requires the same dedication and work. Find the right program that fits your needs, schedule, and personal situation, and you will be happy you made the decision to become a coach.

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  1. Jocelyn says

    Thanks for the insight. Will look into these courses and hopefully enroll into some.

  2. Karen says

    These courses are great for those who have other jobs and want to learn quickly. Great information, thanks!

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