The Factors That Affect The Holistic Life Coach Salary

Have you ever thought about becoming a holistic life coach? If yes, then it will be a smart idea to look first at what the holistic life coach salary is. The salary of this coaching professional is dependent on certain factors. A career in holistic life coaching is rewarding, but like any other profession, you want to ensure that it will meet your financial needs before you consider leaving your current job or profession.

The Factors That Affect The Holistic Life Coach Salary

What is Holistic Life Coaching?

The term “holistic” according to Cambridge dictionary is defined as “relating to the whole of something or to the total system instead of just its parts.

Holistic coaching has to do with working with the whole person; which means integrating body, mind, and spirit. This form of coaching helps clients to maximize their full potential and lead them to achieve the life and goals they so desire.

Holistic Life Coaches And The Role They Play

Holistic life coaches are trained life coaches who approach every aspect of a person’s life – body, mind, and spirit – in relation to the whole. They use an integrative approach in wellness (client’s nutrition or diet, physical fitness, relationships, spirituality, etc.) to improve the overall health of their clients.

The holistic coach can help clients:

1. Identify obstacles and roadblocks to success.
2. Build their self-confidence and their self-esteem.
3. Find and live a purpose-driven life.
4. Experience contentment and inner peace.
5. Move beyond fears, worry, and anxiety
6. Learn how to nurture positive relationships.

What Can Influence The Holistic Life Coach Salary?

The holistic life coaching industry is growing at a rapid rate both in the United States and around the world. Studies show that about 40% of Americans alone currently use some form of holistic health care, we see so many people getting more interested in alternative or natural methods to cure diseases and health issues of every kind. And the numbers will continue to rise as more embrace holistic medicine and therapy. Several individuals agree that this niche of life coaching is very lucrative in today’s world and anyone considering it as a career path will find it fulfilling.

So, what is the salary of a holistic life coach like nowadays? According to PayScale, The average annual salary is approximately $45,000 and the average annual salary is stated to range anywhere between $34,000 and $69,000, depending on the following determinants or factors:

• Geographical Location

• Training/Education

• Level of Expertise/Experience

• Number of Hours worked

• Commitment

• Alternate streams of income (selling products like supplements, speaking engagements, coaching packages, and writing books and articles for blog sites).

Average Annual Salaries of Other Similar Professions & Coaching Niches

Business Coach: $61,000

Dietician: $60,150

Executive Coach: $104,700

Holistic Nutrition Educator: $57,910

Life Coach: $52,000

Reiki Practitioner $10,000 to $100,000

Wellness Coach: $41,000

Life Coaching is one of the fastest-growing and most rewarding career paths today. And as a result, if you’re considering coaching as a profession, why not try out holistic life coaching as you can see, the holistic life coach salary is relatively favorable.

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