The Definition of Coaching: Explaining What You Do To Your Friends

The Wikipedia definition of coaching is, “The practice of supporting an individual through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result.” But your friends and family still probably wonder what you actually do besides sit around and talk to people all day. Some people say coaching is different than training people; others say coaching is making sure people do what they need to do. There are really several definitions of coaching, depending on what style of coaching it is. Here are the top five styles.

5 Coaching Styles You Can Choose From

1. The Friend: The definition of coaching for the friend style of coaching is someone who is a good listener. It may not sound valuable, but people will do all sorts of things to get others to pay attention. Providing a sounding board for people is one way you can help people get results; if nothing else but through feeding back to them what they say.

2. The Drill Sergeant: This is the coaching style where you get people to do what they say out of fear of the consequences. It gets your clients into taking action. You can’t of course be the drill sergeant and friend at the same time.

3. The Consultant: This is the style where you offer expertise and mentoring in a specific area. Like a guide while hiking in the Amazon, people will hire you because you know the way.

4. The Guru: Luke Skywalker in Star Wars had his guru, which was Yoda. You can’t just define your coaching by saying you are a guru. You need a following to earn this title.

5. The Strategist: Some coaches are able to sort through the emotional baggage and come up a solution to get people moving forward. It’s a great way to work on the inner game of any goal.

Beyond The Basic Definition of Coaching

One you are able to describe your style of coaching you can also define the specific areas you work with people. These categories will usually fall into finances, health, or personal development of some type. Then you are ready to share your personal definition of coaching as it applies to what you do best.

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