Taking Action Business Coaching to the Next Level

Action business coaching is a method of giving coaches their strength and confidence back. At times, we all lose our focus. By taking action on the coaching you receive from your coach, you are better able to prepare your clients to take massive action in their business.

Over the last few years we’ve seen businesses come and go. The ones that make it have a clear understanding of how to apply sales, marketing, management and finances. Once you as an action business coach start teaching your clients these concepts, their growth is right around the corner.

Selling Without Selling Through Action Business Coaching

When looking at sales, there are many different approaches. The most successful strategy I have seen coaches use is one that combines passion for your profession with a well delivered script. Scripts are nothing more than words delivered in a particular order to guide you in your action business coaching to help your client take action or to make a clear buying decision.

These Two Statements Are Your Guiding Light

In your marketing, you tell the world who you are and you do this through your vision statement. Your mission statement explains how you are going to accomplish your vision statement. In action business coaching we use social networking, whether it’s social media or by visiting your local SBA, Rotary club, chamber of commerce or other local networking organizations. The key to marketing is to build relationships.

How Do I Control it All in My Action Business Coaching?

Keep it simple. With regards to management, it’s the management of things or property. Essentially, accountability and cleanliness are your two top priorities. Supervision is of people. Watch how your coaches interact with your clients and among themselves. When addressing finances, QuickBooks is a great place to start. If you’re in search of money, visit your local small business development center. Take their classes and get educated on how the process works and where the money is…this is how effective action business coaching unfolds for you.

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Mark Rabbitt
JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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