How to Make Sure Your Success Coaching Works

Success coaching works! Many happy clients can attest to the benefits of success coaching. But does your success coaching work? Are you a successful success coach, or are you struggling to attain and retain clients?

Success Coaching Works
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4 Things to Know About Your Clients to be a Successful Coach

To make your coaching the best it can be, you need to know your clients. I mean, you need to get to know what makes your clients tick! Here are 4 things you should know before you can really begin to help them and have a positive impact in their lives:

  • What things matter the most to your clients? What would they be doing if they had no boundaries or obstacles (personal, financial, etc.)?
  • What really motivates and inspires your clients? What things will give them a kick in the butt to reach their goals and dreams?
  • What obstacles are holding them back? Is it their habits, attitudes, belief systems, or something more tangible likes finances or family situations?
  • How do your clients define success? Is it about money, fame, recognition, or finding a career about which they are passionate?

To ensure that your success coaching works, you need to get to know these things about your clients…even before you get to specific goals and action plans.

Making Certain Your Success Coaching Works

Once you have an in depth understanding of each client, you are only half way there to satisfying your client’s needs for success. There are three more steps to success and ensuring your coaching works for both your client and you!

3 Things to Ensure Coaching Success

Identifying and clarifying goals. Defining the right goals gives you and the client a clear destination point.

  • It’s a back and forth process that involves active listening and interviewing, and during which the coach acts as a facilitator.
  • Find the outcomes your clients seek. This is not something that can be read about in a blog, an article, or a book. It is something that is learned from feedback and observation. If you pay close attention, you will learn what outcomes your coaching clients are seeking.
  • Talk the talk and walk the walk. If you claim to be a success coach, and you are telling your clients that success coaching works, it needs to look and sound like it works! You need to talk like a successful person and present yourself as a successful, confident, and happy coach. If you make the claim that you can help others find success, you must present the image of success

You and Your Coaching Client are Equals

One thing that is not often mentioned, but critical to success coaching, is the need to ensure that your client feels equal to you. You don’t “tell” in coaching, and you should never come across as an arrogant expert or know-it-all.

You and your clients are partners in success! Success coaching works…if your client trusts you, feels comfortable with you, and feels on an equal footing with you.

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