Success Coaching ‘Foreplay’: How The Top Personal Success Coach Prepares For Coaching Sessions

Get Yourself in the Right Frame of Mind for Success Coaching When You Practice Being a Personal Success Coach

You really didn’t think you could just start success coaching your client without warming up, did you?  As a personal success coach, you’ll think everyone wants to think success thoughts, do success oriented actions, and take your ‘wonderful’ success coaching just because you have the title of personal success coach.

Think again!

The Last Thing You Want to do: Start Success Coaching Someone Without ‘Foreplay’

As a personal success coach:

  • You have your ability to perceive what’s going on with your client.
  • You have your special ‘patented’ success coaching technique for transforming their life and giving them access to the success they have inside.

…but if you are not in ‘the zone’, then you won’t remember all that stuff when it counts

Suffer From ‘Premature Transformation’ as a Personal Success Coach?

Haven’t you ever crashed and burned in a success coaching session?  Was it because you didn’t have any skills?

Probably, you knew what to do.

Probably you had done it well before.

But you weren’t in the zone, so you had ‘performance issues’.

However, I bet you’ve had those sessions where you performed like the champion personal success coach that you really are.  I bet you used skills you didn’t even know you had!

What made the difference?

‘Coach Foreplay’ Gets You in The ‘Success Coaching Zone’

You’ve got to get yourself warmed up with some good, clean ‘Coach Foreplay’.

  • Recall the best sessions you’ve ever had.  Replay them in your mind.
  • Use some inspiring and motivating affirmations to get yourself moving in a positive direction.
  • Meditate and Journal to tune up your mind.
  • Recite / read your mission, vision, values, etc.

Now That You’re Hot And Bothered as a Personal Success Coach, Don’t Forget About Your Client

When you get on the coaching call with your client, don’t be so insensitive as to think that they are just automatically ready to take your ‘full throttle’ personal success coach intensity.  They may not be.  In fact they may be a little scared or apathetic or angry or ‘you name it’, when it comes to your success coaching.

  • Help them get warmed up a bit by reviewing the wins they had since your last call.
  • Acknowledge them for their wins and listen with empathy to their challenges.
  • Re-frame anything that sounds like it weights heavily upon them.  Help them to see those things in a positive light.
  • Now ask them ‘What is the result that you want from this call?’
  • Work with them on formulating that result.  Help them make it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reason-driven, and Timely.

These simple warm-ups for both you and your client is what it really takes to be a personal success coach that always ‘performs’.  Now you are ready to perform like the success coaching champion that you are!

Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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