When is the Best Time To Start Your Life Coaching Business? How to Know With Absolute Certainty That You are Ready to Begin Your Coaching Career

How can you tell if you are ready to begin your coaching career? Where are you going to find life coaching business? These questions reflect on two of the top reasons why some coaches never begin their coaching career. But really what is at stake here is that if you don’t start, you will never be ready. In order to prepare for having a life coaching business, you need to get on the court and start coaching.

Your Coaching Career Starts with Practice

Starting a life coaching business is a lot like anything else. You won’t know what you really need to know until you get on the court. Michael Jordan is a legend because he did what most people don’t do. He got on the court on a daily basis and practiced on his own. And he kept on practicing until he was successful. What are the free throws to practice in your coaching career? The free session.

The reason why many people groan at the concept of the free session is that is doesn’t usually produce life coaching business in the beginning. So after awhile you start wondering what else you could be doing with that time. You think doing anything would be more productive than working for free. But at least you are on the court, and that is how to start your coaching career. Because most coaches don’t even make it this far.

And after your first 20 free sessions, you will realize that you have actually enrolled on or two clients into your life coaching business. And from here, there are two types of coaches. The ones who celebrate their win, and those who quit their life coaching career because they feel it is a waste of time? Which one will you be?

Perseverance Is the Name of the Game in the Life Coaching Business

Are you decided enough to your own dream of having a successful life coaching business that you are willing to perseverance long enough to build up the skills you’ll need? What would have happened if Michael Jordan hung up his basketball shoes and decided to work at a fast food place, just because he didn’t make his high school basketball team? Is having a coaching career something that sounds fun and easy, and you think that if you hang up your “Life Coach for Hire” sign people will come to you. Is that web page really going to get you paying clients?

There is no certainty in having a life coaching business except your own determination to succeed. You will never really be ready to launch your coaching career if you wait until you have all the skills you need. The only certainty is to get on the court, refine your skills, and make sure if this is what you really want; you don’t quit.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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