So You Want to be a PCC Coach?

When it comes to earning a ProfessionalCertified Coach – PCC coach certification, you must realize at the very outset that a PCC credential comes with its own requirements which when met could catapult your coaching career.

So You Want to be a PCC Coach?
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While training organizations and schools can have their own coaching certifications, the best coaching certification courses are the ones that are International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed.

For a serious coach, earning a coaching certification that has ICF accreditation will stand them in good stead. It also pays to establish what the core curriculum of the certification course is and this knowledge should at the very least include lessons on fundamentals of coaching and the process which will help you teach your clients to overcome their chaotic existence.

The 3 Levels of ICF Coaching Certification

The ICF offers coaches three levels of coach certifications: Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, and Master Certified Coach. Each level has an increasingly higher standard.

The coaching credentials are categorized into the 3 essential elements of effective coaching training: coaching instruction, coaching experience, and live feedback (mentor coaching).

A minimum number of hours of coaching training and experience is set for each level.  The following are the minimum requirements and coaching competency coaches must demonstrate in addition to going through an increasingly rigorous examination process.

Associate Certified Coach (ACC Coach)

  • 60+ hours of coaching instruction
  • 100+ hours of coaching experience
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching with a qualified coach

Professional Certified Coach (PCC Coach)

  • 125+ hours of coaching instruction
  • 500+ hours of coaching experience
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching with a qualified coach

Master Certified Coach (MCC Coach)

  • 200+ hours of coaching instruction
  • 2500+ hours of coaching experience
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching with a qualified coach

Becoming a Responsible Coach

Great coaches possess the ability to help others – and with it, the responsibility – to guide others towards success. Once you have earned your PCC coaching certification, there are a few things you can do to be a more responsible coach. These skills can be imparted to your clients to help them lead more responsible, integrity-filled lives.

#1 – Develop self-awareness

Know your own strengths and weaknesses to be able to recognize your shortcomings, receive feedback, and make changes when necessary.  The more self-aware you are of yourself, the more you will know what kind of clients you can coach best and – just as important – those best referred to others.

#2: Learn to Separate Responsibility from Worry

When we hear the word ‘responsibility’, we often think to ourselves, “Another task, another problem.” However, responsibility is not about worrying over things we cannot control. You, can learn to give your best to challenging work, but then “leave it at the door” when you’re off-hours. Worrying accomplishes nothing except it drains your energy, and actually ends up making us less effective! Don’t let worry taint your clarity of judgment and ability to make decisive actions. You can learn this as you grow.

#3: Take Calculated Risks

Highly effective coaches have the courage to ask their clients to take calculated risks when necessary. As a coach, you can help your clients work with risk, possible failure and help them analyze their situation and options. Also, lead them to a healthier mindset regarding failure and help them not to give up when things go wrong.

#4: Own and admit our mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes; it’s part of life but our greatest lessons and growth come from mistakes. Help your client understand this so they will be able to draw the necessary lessons and take corrective action. Owning and assuming responsibility for our mistakes lets others see the integrity and virtue within us, and hence further gain their respect.

I hope that I have sparked enough interest in you to try and find ways to become a PCC Coach. May all your dreams come true!

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