Should You Become a Wellness and Nutrition Coach?

Wellness and nutrition go together, so why not consider being a wellness and nutrition coach? If you are already in the wellness or nutrition field, or if you are seriously interested in having a wellness career, then this might be the perfect coaching niche for you.

Wellness and Nutrition Coach
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4 Questions to Ask Before You Starting as a Wellness and Nutrition Coach

Here are a few questions to ask yourself (and do research to come up with the answers):

  • What is the wellness and nutrition like in my area? Is it crowded or lacking enough coaches? Is there a target market that is underserved? Will you target market have enough disposable income to support you career?
  • Based on my passions and my research on coaching in my area, should I jump in as a general wellness and nutrition coach, or should I find a unique niche and become a large fish in a small pond?
  • Do I want to add certifications and licenses? Adding fitness and nutrition certifications may help expand your potential client base.
  • What coaching certification should I get? Do your research and make sure you get an accredited certification – the International Coach Federation (ICF) is a good place to start your search for a reputable and accredited coaching program, but there are also many health oriented coaching bodies that provide certification.

Join a Growing and Beneficial Coaching Industry

Coaching is a growing industry, and no segment of the field is growing faster than health coaching. Combining wellness and nutrition means you are covering a range of the industry. You will be poised to coach any and all aspects within wellness coaching, if you get the right training, certifications, and experience.

Wellness and Nutrition Coaching Covers it All

Wellness and nutrition coaches can specialize in any aspect of the industry or offer a wide spectrum of coaching to their clients interested in all aspects of wellness. You can be a jack-of-all-trades, an expert in one specialized segment of nutrition or wellness, or design your services to cater to a specific group or target market.

Here are a few niches in which you can specialize as a wellness and nutrition coach:

  • Diet coach – work with clients to improve their dietary choices.
  • Fitness coach – work with clients on improving their levels of fitness, based on activities they enjoy and will continue as a lifestyle.
  • Strength coach – work in a targeted segment of the fitness industry. Strength coaching is all about specific exercise and strict dietary habits.
  • Wellness coaching for seniors – help older individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle and combat the effects of aging.
  • Coaching for athletes – work with athletes to maximize their fitness and nutrition through exercise, training, and dietary habits.
  • Recovery from illness – coach clients who have been through specific illnesses (cancer, etc.) or who suffer from chronic diseases (arthritis, etc.) on how to achieve maximum possible health.

These are merely a few of the niches in which you can work as a wellness and nutrition coach. When you start a career in the wellness and nutrition field, nearly limitless opportunities await you. It’s a great career, a growing field, and one that offers both financial and personal satisfaction.

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