Should I Strive to be a Licensed Life Coach?

If you are just starting out as a life coach, you may be wondering whether you should become a licensed life coach. The simple answer is “No”. A person does not have to be licensed before he/she can kick-start his/her life-coaching career. But this does not mean that getting certifications are not important. A lot of people who have a keen interest in becoming coaches ended their journey because of the dread of being regarded as under-qualified. Not only that but there are also several clients who have lost interest in meeting life coaches because they heard that only some coaches are licensed or certified.

Many coaches have been extremely frustrated due to these misconceptions, thereby making some of them pursue certification with the hope that it will help them get more success, a concrete client base, and even more credibility.

In the beginning, it might seem overwhelming for newbies just like you, but you have nothing to worry about because we have put together some pieces of information to get you started on your new career. In this article, we will talk about all that you need to know about becoming a licensed life coach.

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Why Become a Licensed Life Coach?

Coaching programs can help you to learn brilliant skills. Getting certified or licensed can give you the level of confidence that is required to begin your journey. There are many instances of successful life coaches who built their business through word-of-mouth recommendations, great marketing, and successful sales. But a certification will help you gain more credibility.

You should have it in mind that licensed life coaches do not magically get more clients. Many coaches see certification to be like some kind of magic solution, but it’s not. It is not like an academic degree that is needed to be in a particular industry. Such a requirement does not apply to life coaching.

Getting a certification just means that you completed a life-coaching program that an official organization offered and that you have already learned all that is required in becoming a life coach. Certifications are just proofs that you completed a certain training or course. As there are no legal requirements, you just need to build your skills and knowledge to be successful.

Finding the Right Coaching Certification Program

In choosing a coach training school, it’s important to confirm that the programs offered by the school is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s largest and most recognized organization of professionally trained and certified coaches.

At present due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more coach training schools are offering web-based certified coaching programs, designed for life coaches who have the desire for a learning experience that would fit their busy lifestyles. These coaching programs offer convenient, quality courses, and experienced life coaches. Some even offer financial aid for those who qualify. Other advantages of enrolling in a web-based certified coaching program include convenience of scheduling, focus on core coaching concepts applicable to professional settings, and interaction with peers who share similar professional experiences and values. 

There are many online coach training schools to choose from. Be sure to confirm that the program is accredited by the ICF. If possible, talk to admissions and find out the steps needed to enroll and find out other things like cost, time to complete courses, and other incidentals that are not on the website or in the brochure. Many times, it is the little items that can be the deciding factor in choosing the right certification program. 


It is not compulsory for all coaches to be licensed before they can become successful. What matters to clients is that you are great and outstanding at what you do. So, just ensure that you know what you are doing, and you can help solve the problems of your clients. These can help you earn excellent testimonials.

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