Who Needs a Relationship Coach? Are Women More Likely to Pay Your Relationship Coach Salary?

If you want to become a relationship coach, you need to market to women.  Sure you can market to men as well, but in most homes women are the emotional leaders.  And it will ultimately be up to them to decide if they want to pay your relationship coach salary.  Even if they say they have to check with their husbands.  Most relationship coaches in the U.S. will agree that husbands just want their wives to be happy.  Unfortunately many of them have given up.  They don’t think anything will make a difference to their relationship long term; even hiring you and paying a moderate relationship coach salary.

Work Through Wives to Help Regain a Sense of Hope For Your Relationship Coach Clients

So how do you as a relationship coach get men to regain their sense of hope?  The easiest way is to work through the wife.  She is the one with the higher drive for love and connection, and is more likely to be in enough pain to see you as the only way to living happily ever after.  If you have the tools to be able to prove that in your initial session, she will happily pay your relationship coach salary and do what needs to be done.

In Order to Pay Your Relationship Coach Salary it is Essential to Ask Wives to do One Simple Thing

What kind of hoops does a relationship coach have to get women to jump through to get their men to fall in love with them again?  Controversial as this may sound, it’s not about dressing up or dressing down.  The key is to get your clients to treat their husbands as their hero.  “That’s ridiculous” you might say, “No one is going to pay a relationship coach salary for that type of Pollyanna type of advise.”  But as it is frequently said, what you focus on will increase.  Have your relationship coach clients focus, and reward what is great.

Become a Relationship Coach That Gets Clients to Ask the Hard Questions

If you can get your relationship coach clients to find out what their husbands really want, and find a way to deliver it to them; the relationship will transform.  Does that sound sales-like?  Sure, but how often have you heard people say something to the effect, “I worked for four hours cooking this meal; the least you could do is wash the dishes.”  Did that person really want the elaborate meal?  Or would it been even more valuable to have time together?  It would be like someone painting your house orange without asking you, then charging you $5000.  These are the tough conversations that make your relationship coach salary worth paying.

But what really makes you valuable as a relationship coach is to help your clients get their needs met at a higher level then they are currently getting met.  What people say they want, is usually based on a much deeper need.  And finding solutions that will help your clients get their needs met will make your relationship coach salary seem small compared to the value they receive.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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