Relationship Coach Tools: Become a Relationship Coach Who Gets Results

What’s the quickest way to to become a relationship coach who gets results?  Start by finding out what your clients wants from each other.  Are they bored with each other or having trouble relating?  Once you become a relationship who knows the starting point and end point, you can choose from following relationship coach tools to begin the coaching process.

Become a Relationship Coach that Knows What the Client is Looking For

Relationship Coach Tools for Clients Who Are Bored With Each Other:

Have they lost that loving feeling?  Have they become best friends?  Has the woman become the football buddy or has the man become so sensitive they go for manicures together?  Use relationship coach tools that create more polarity and excitement.  Have the woman get into her feminine nature by taking a 2 hour bubble bath, getting a manicure or pedicure, lighting candles, dancing around and just having fun.  Have the man go into the cave for some alone time, hang out with his buddies, and do things that are challenging to get in touch with his masculine side.  Become a relationship coach who helps create rituals to induce more polarity in the relationship, which will remind your clients why they were attracted to each other in the first place.

Use Different Relationship Coach Techniques for Different Situations

Relationship Coach Tools for Clients Who Can’t Get Along With Each Other:

One quick way out of this situation is to become a relationship coach who motivates clients to make a list of MUSTs and MUST NOTs.  That way each person can see how they measure up.  Instill a reward system for good behavior.  Every time they do something really good for the relationship, they put a quarter in a jar.  It may sound silly, but the results are amazing.

Another great relationship tool is to re-wire negative behaviors and reframe key issues and disagreements.  Become a relationship coach who can interrupt patterns and get clients to think about situations in a different way.  A wife might say, “He doesn’t love me, he won’t take care of me.”  An alternative might be, “He does love you and you just need to soften up a bit more so he can.”

If One Relationship Technique Doesn’t Work, Try a Different Relationship Coach Tool

Relationship Coach Tools for Clients Who Are Ready to Take Their Relationship to the Next Level:

For those clients who are ready for the relationship of their dreams, become a relationship coach who teaches them how to create a raving fan out of their partner.  In this 90 day exercise, have each person try to meet their partners needs as close to 100% as possible.  Each person gets to rank where their needs are being currently met in the relationship in terms of certainty, significance, love/connection and variety.  Then each person tells the other specific actions their partner can take to help them get their needs met at a higher level.  By the end of the 90 day period, each partner should be “raving” about how great their partner is.  Now that is a goal worth taking on.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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