Relationship Coach Tips: Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Has the Keys to Resolving Conflicts

Just like the cost of business coaching more than pays for itself, finding a good relationship coach can be worth his weight in gold when love is on the line.  Most conflicts can be solved with awareness and appreciation.  Here are 3 keys to becoming a relationship coach who is able to help resolve just about any conflict.

Tips for Becoming a Relationship Coach #1: Make Sure Your Client is Ready for Love

The first step to becoming relationship coach is to make sure your clients are looking for a relationship to magnify what they already experience.  If they’re looking to get love from a relationship before they love themselves, it’s like two starving people trying to get each other’s food.   As a relationship coach, when you see this pattern bring it to your clients’ attention.  Help them find ways to nurture and love themselves.  This can be as basic for some as self care, diet and exercise.

Tips for Becoming a Relationship Coach #2: Know How to Counteract Stress

The second key to becoming a relationship coach is to bring the awareness to your clients that when things go wrong, most people start reacting.  Stress is actually a code word for ‘fear’.  When people start feeling that things are going wrong, they aren’t good enough to make it work, and there’s no chance to improve; it’s up to you as the relationship coach to help them shift to a more powerful state of beliefs, language, and physiology.

Another key aspect to becoming a relationship coach is to help clients learn to identify when that fear is from the past or present.  If an event triggers emotions that are disproportionate to the event, it’s likely to stem from previous memories.  And the subconscious part of the brain doesn’t recognize ‘time.’  An event recalled from the past can produce the same vivid emotional response that it did even decades before.  As a relationship coach you can spend a few minutes and help that person re-wire the old pattern.

Tips for Becoming a Relationship Coach #3: Help Your Client “See” Their Partner

The third key to becoming a relationship coach is to help your clients look at their partners through the eyes of appreciating what is already great.  Become a relationship coach who knows that a shift in one of the partners can dramatically alter the course of a relationship…for better or worse.  General compliments won’t work, and clients should be prepared to back up what they say with an explanation of why they appreciate certain qualities or behaviors in their mate.  A little here goes a long way.

A Relationship Coach Can Make All the Difference

Becoming a relationship coach with these principles will put you on the path toward making a real impact on your clients’ lives.  Become a relationship coach who can quickly and expertly cut through the stories of blame and get to the client’s underlying that is keeping them from getting the love they are looking for.

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