Relationship Coach Tips: How to Become a Relationship Expert in 90 Days or Less

If you really want to know how to become a relationship expert, there are two ways: the fast and easy way, or the long and hard way. If you are already a relationship coach, or want to become a relationship coach sometime in the near future, I recommend the fast way, just like ripping a bandage off your elbow. Once you commit to doing it, how to become a relationship expert can happen faster than you imagine.

How to Become a Relationship Expert: Push Your Clients to Decide What they Want in a Relationship

There are 3 keys to how to become a relationship expert. The first step is to be a relationship coach who gets their clients to decide what they really want. For example if your client really wants to be in a married relationship, she needs to make her spouse the most important person in her life. Not her career, not the kids. Loving the kids and putting them first is easy. They need her. Loving her spouse means living with a certain amount of uncertainty. But that lack of certainty also provides a lot more variety in the relationship and when the kids eventually leave the house, she will still have the relationship with her spouse.

Become a Relationship Coach that Convinces Clients to Commit to the 90 Day Challenge

The next key to how to become a relationship expert is to have your clients commit to the 90 day challenge. This is huge in becoming a relationship coach who can motivate your clients to any undertaking. Basically, you will have your clients commit to showing their spouse how important they are, in a way that they appreciate, for three months. Not that it takes that long for your clients to start seeing a difference, but by that time they have so much momentum that it will carry them through long term. And wouldn’t most of your clients do whatever it takes to reach one of their ultimate goals in less than three months?

In Discovering How to Become a Relationship Expert Make Sure Your Clients Know They Are Responsible for Change

The final key to how to become a relationship expert is to make it clear to your clients that it is up to them individually to make the change. If you are a relationship coach to only one of the partners, then it is imperative that you create the right mind set to accomplish the goal. It rarely works for one of the partners to say to the other, “Let’s both do this.” The other person might not be enrolled until he or she starts experiencing the results, but someone has to go first.

With these three keys to how to become a relationship expert, you can start making a difference right away. If you have what it takes to become a relationship coach who is ready to take a strong stance for the well being of your clients, then the results you produce will speak for themselves.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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