Ready to Coach at Another Level? Get an MCC Credential!

The MCC credential by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the highest level of achievement in your coaching career. If you want to coach at another level and present yourself as a highly skilled coach, get the MCC credential.

What is an ICF MCC credential?

The ICF is one of the very few credible credentialing organizations offering coaching credentials to professional life coaches across the globe. It offers various credentials that help coaches present themselves as experts. And the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential is another remarkable credential by the ICF that helps coaches get themselves recognized as masters and experts in life coaching. 

The ICF has three levels of credentialing: the 60+ hours Associate Certified Coach (ACC), the 125+ hours Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and the 200+ hours Master Certified Coach (MCC). 

The MCC credential is the highest-level certification and statistics indicate that only 6% of 10,000 credentialed coaches worldwide are MCCs. Therefore, if you want to stand out and distinguish yourself, there is nothing better than becoming an MCC certified coach.

ICF Certification VIDEO

(NOTE: If you’ve been asking questions about ICF Certification lately, then you need to watch this video. In the video, I’ll explain how to best get and use this ‘ultimate credibility advantage’. Click HERE now to watch the video.)

How do you become an MCC credentialed coach?

Any credential by the ICF isn’t easy and the MCC level is at the very top. To qualify for an MCC credential, you need to go through the following hurdles:

  • Hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential
  • Exceed 200 plus hours of coach-specific training
  • Have 10 hours (in addition to 10 hours you needed to pursue PCC credential) of coaching experience with a mentor who also is MCC credentialed
  • Have 2,500 hours plus coaching experience, including at least 2,200 hours of paid coaching with at least 35 clients
  • Submit two audio recordings and written transcripts of coaching sessions
  • Pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment unless previously passed when applying for ACC or MCC

Thus, it isn’t easy to be an MCC credentialed coach. You need to meet the requirements in addition to hard work and dedication. The ICF wants its certified coaches to be masters of coaching who know how to practice the art and science of coaching to help people transform their lives. And with an MCC certification, a coach has a higher chance of success.

How much time and money do you need to invest to become an MCC certified coach?

You can choose from the Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP), Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), or Portfolio paths when applying for the ACC or PCC certifications. Conversely, you have only one application path for the MCC. Moreover, you need to invest $575 USD if you are an ICF member and $775 USD if you are not a member of ICF.

The wrap up

The ICF doesn’t use and take the term “Master” lightly. It requires life coaches to be masters of their art and therefore, you need to be the very best if you want to become an MCC credentialed coach. The best thing of all is once you become an MCC credentialed coach, it can open the door of limitless opportunities.

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