Powerful Tips on How to Become a Successful Life Coach

Did you know that success is not dedicated for a certain category of lucky talented people and there is a simple strategy on how to become a successful life coach?

Powerful Tips on How to Become a Successful Life Coach
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But first things first…

Learning The Skills on How to Become a Successful Life Coach

So why should you learn about success anyway? Well, think about when you first started cycling. What did you have to do? You learned how to ride a bike from someone who was already good at cycling. In other words, you learned a new skill from someone who already had that skill.

But now suppose you decided to take to the road by yourself without learning how to bike. Can you imagine what would happen? There would be a fairly good chance you would either a) lose balance and fall off the bike or b) have an accident!

Success, just like cycling is a skill. Those who learn about coaching success get to where they want to go, those who don’t learn the skills of success crash on their way. It really is that simple.

Seven tips that can help you become a successful life coach

When it comes to achieving coaching success, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and success depends on many factors – the most important factor is your determination and energy you put into making your life coaching business a success!

1. Believe in yourself and be persistent
If you want to succeed in your life coaching business, believe in yourself and make it happen. Perceived obstacles crumble against persistent desire. Be persistent but at the same time, have compassion for others. Persistence for your cause should not be gained at the expense of others.

2. Listen and understand the issue
Time and time again we have all been told, “God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason”…or as Stephen Covey said…”Seek to understand, rather than be understood.” Listen first to the issue, before proceeding to coaching.

3. Ask yourself these three questions
Where are you going? How are you going to get there? What can I do to make it happen? The more clarity you can bring to each of the three questions, the better the outcome.

4. Deliver excellence
Jobs, missions, and projects would come and go as business is dynamic – meaning it is always changing. Do not focus your goals toward any of these, but instead learn to master these skills that will allow you to work with any client:

  • The ability to develop an idea
  • Effectively plan for its implementation
  • Execute second-to-none
  • Achieve superior results time after time

Always seek jobs and opportunities with this in mind. Forget what others do. Work to be known for delivering excellence. It speaks for itself and it opens doors.

5. Be curious
In business, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat but is a prerequisite to continuous improvement and even excellence. Always be intellectually curious. You can apply this notion of intellectual curiosity by thinking about your organization’s future, understanding the present, and knowing and challenging yourself to creatively move the people and the organization closer to its vision.

6. Listen to both sides of the argument
Listen to all different kinds of people and ideas. Listening only to those who share your background and opinions can be limiting. It is important to respect other people’s rights to their own views.

Listening to and talking with a variety of people, from professors to bankers, from senior citizens to schoolchildren, is essential not only to be a successful life coach, but to also be a valuable member within your community.

7. Prepare, prepare, prepare
As the adage goes, “Preparation is the science of winning.” If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. When you have truly prepared and something goes wrong, it is usually easier to handle the crisis without panic.

Whether it is a business plan, an emergency fund or a backup plan, it is therefore very important to always prepare so you can deal with any challenges that may come your way while you are trying to achieve your final goal.

Great advice on how to become a successful life coach comes from many sources: parents, other relatives, consultants, co-workers, mentors, teachers, how-to-become-successful life coaches, and friends. Ultimately, the important point to remember is to stay open and apply whatever you have learned in order to achieve the success you desire.

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Jeannie Cotter
Writer, Coaches Training Blog community

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