As A Personal Success Coach, Do You Know Why Your Success Coaching Client Has Fear of Failure?

Do you know individually why each of your personal success coach clients need success coaching?  They probably need success coaching because they haven’t been able to achieve their goals on their own.  Why is that?  Fear of failure is a common reason your personal success coaching client hasn’t set or reached their goals in life.  Each of your clients will have different reasons why they have fear.   Here are two common reasons for fear and ways you can help them.

Your Personal Success Coaching Client Is Probably In A Comfort Zone

Many people are comfortable where they are in their lives.  They have no desire to strive for more.  Because they don’t have any goals, they don’t see the need to have a personal success coach.  You should accept that.  There is no rule that says we need to constantly be striving for more in life.  Whenever you are having a free success coaching session with a prospect ask them a couple of questions.  “Do you truly have what you want out of life, or are you just settling for less?”  You may also ask them “Are you truly happy or are you just in a comfort zone?”  Then you can use their answers to expand their thinking.

Success Coaching Clients Often Suffer From The Curse Of Early Success

Your personal success coaching client may have left high school or college and no one told them that couldn’t achieve great things in their lives.  They may have tried different things and success came easily to them.  Then life dealt them a blow, as life always does.  All of a sudden, success doesn’t come so easily.  In fact, they lose the success they had.  They go bankrupt.  They get divorced.  They lose that unstoppable confidence that they had, and they stop setting goals.  That’s when success coaching clients start to tell themselves they are too old or too young, not smart enough or not talented enough, without enough time, without enough money.  Whatever you client’s reason for not succeeding, encourage them.  Show them someone who has faced greater challenges and succeeded.  Encourage them that failure is a part of life, and you’re coaching them to handle it successfully for the rest of their life.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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