No One Wants to Pay For a Life Coach That Won’t Take Responsibility For Their Life Coaching Business

Why Aren’t You Making The Money in Your Life Coaching Business That You Want?

Pay for a life coach has always been a bit of a sore spot.  Let’s put it this way… the pay for a life coach is the dirty little secret in the life coaching business.  Coaches that make a lot seem to use it as their ‘claim to fame’, and the coaches who don’t make a lot of pay for a life coach either hide the fact or they justify that they are doing the ‘right thing’ to give their services away or operate their life coaching business in a less-than-profitable manner.

Sour Grapes Won’t Get More Pay For a Life Coach

However, the bottom line is that your responsibility level and power with producing results is the determining factor in your life coaching business income.  It’s ridiculous that coaches are so ‘evolved’ and yet they turn into 3-year olds when they start discussing the proper pay for a life coach, and they begin to confront the real world issues in a life coaching business.

Are You a Tyrant or a Baby in Your Life Coaching Business?

Whether you have the common issue around pay for a life coach or not, one thing that will hold you back in your life coaching business is the ‘Blame Game’.  The ‘Blame Game’ is commonly played around money, but you can apply it to much more than that.

Do you find every person, circumstance, and situation that’s responsible for your lack of success except for you?  If you do (or at least know someone who does this) then you are familiar with the ‘Blame Game’.

Why would you (or SOMEONE you know…) do this?  It’s simple.  Human beings evolved as tribal animals (we lived inside of a group of other humans and depended on them for our survival).  If you became the scapegoat back in the jungle (or the caves, etc.), then you were banished from the tribe, and then you DIED (or least you were eliminated from the gene pool because you had no one to mate with!).

The only people not eliminated from the gene pool were afraid of being the scapegoat.  If fact they were so afraid that they would do anything to avoid being blamed for anything bad happening in the tribe, including LYING or BLAMING OTHERS.

These are the humans that survived.  Nice group, huh?

Guess what…


You can push this further… into modern times, by looking at what we are taught to do now-a-days:

In society we are also taught that we aren’t responsible for anything.  In school, we are taught to be a ‘cog in the machine’ (i.e. to do what the teacher, or headmaster, tells us to do).  In most jobs we are trained that ‘You’re not in charge.  Just follow the leader.  The leader is responsible for everything.’

All these societal structures reinforce that YOU are NOT the reason why your life (and your life coaching business) is the way it is.

Would you Pay For a Life Coach That Lies, Cheats, and Blames?  Sure… If They Run a Ship Shape Life Coaching Business!

The fact is that if you can accept yourself as that human that’s full of all sorts of instincts that no longer serve you, and then you can start to get beyond the ‘Blame Game’.  People will pay for a life coach who can push beyond these limitations.

The simple way to transform the ‘Blame Game’ is to start to affirm that “I’m responsible”.  Why would you be motivated to do this?  It seems you’d suddenly be blamed for everything, yes?  Think about it this way.  “I’m Responsible” = “I Can Change Things”.  The “I’m Responsible” affirmation, can give you control back over your life and, yes, your suffering life coaching business.

Jeffrey T. Sooey

CEO, JTS Advisors

Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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  1. says

    Well your close – the blame game is part of it – but the games we play (around money and business) are a direct result of the frames of mind we hold and live life through; the beliefs, and values, and the higher frames of identity (and our thinking systems) that maintain the status quo around money and business. If a coach can’t apply to self then they the shouldn’t be coaching others.

    I’ve no idea how the tribal stuff fits with coaching and affirmations only work if we validate them and intall them in our frames of mind. In and of themselves – they tend to be water off a ducks back. that’s why people tend toward habits instead – they’ve already validated those.


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