Oregon Money Coach LLC and Starting a Money Coaching Business

Oregon Money Coach is a business in Portland Oregon metropolitan area. It is owned by John Warren and is a small money coaching business. It was founded in 2010 and appears to still be in business. But, this article isn’t about that business.

It’ about your business – your money coaching business!

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The Oregon Money Coach LLC and You

Are you considering a money coaching career? Think that wealth and financial coaching is a ticket for a personally and professionally rewarding career? If so, you can be like the Oregon money coaching expert and start your own money coaching business.

If you don’t like in Oregon, you can use the name of your state in your business name. Live in Idaho, perhaps you can be the Idaho Money Coach LLC. How about a resident of Kansas, maybe your name could be the Kansas Money Coach LLC.

The Oregon Money Coach LLC is a small coaching business, and you can start a small business just like this one.

Starting a Money Coaching Business That makes Money

Staring a business is tough and starting a coaching one is no exception. Though coaching is a great business and can bring you personal and professional success, it takes hard work to get it off the ground and running like a finely-tuned machine (a machine that makes money!).

Here are a few less obvious tips to help you successfully start your business:

  • Admit you know nothing. Even if you have started a business before, or have worked in organizations for years, your first step is to admit that you know nothing. Nothing! You have to learn everything! Preconceived notions of success may limit you or send you off in the wrong direction. If you can clear your mind and start anew, your business will have a better chance for success.
  • It’s a business, not a hobby!. Many coaches start out working part-time. A part-time business can often seem like a hobby. It’s not! Whether you have one client or one-hundred clients; whether you work one ten hours each week or ten hours each day, your coaching practice is a business. Treat it like one!
  • Think of results. How can you help your potential clients? Do you have the outcomes they seek? Results are the most critical part of a money coaching business. If the Oregon Money Coach LLC is making money, it’s because he has been getting the results his clients want.
  • Listens to people who have succeeded. Find coaches who are successful and hire them to see how they work. Seek out mentor coaches who have made it in the coaching business. Take coaching courses from highly successful programs. Learn from those who are successful, and the chances of your own success will be much higher!
  • Brand yourself across all platforms. I’m not sure if the Oregon Money Coach LLC has done a good job of branding his coaching business, but the path to success is straighter and smoother if you do a good job of branding yourself across all platforms, from social media to seminars to article writing to videos.

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