Make Speaking Part Of Your Life Coach Career

If you have a life coach career, you probably already have most of your plans laid out for sales and marketing for your business in the upcoming year. You might be planning on doing internet marketing with a blog, a website, or a newsletter. You might be considering free teleseminars or podcasts. And many life coach’s careers also get a marketing boost from speaking at events.

Speaking On Someone Else’s Stage

Speaking on someone else’s stage can be a particularly good marketing opportunity early on in your life coach career. You don’t have to put on the event and you don’t need a big list of your own clients. What you do need is a service that will benefit the clients of the person who is putting on the event. Get in contact with and then get to know other coaches or consultants whose niches are complimentary to yours. Look for people who might be good joint venture partners for you in your life coach career and who are planning an event. Be really creative about this. Find ways to make your services relevant to as many people as possible and pitch the possibility of you speaking as an added benefit for their customers. As an example, a health and wellness coach might be welcome on the stage of a business coach, a career coach, a parenting coach, a travel consultant, and many others. This is a great way to get exposure and even to increase your list and possibly make some sales, too.

Speaking On Your Own Stage Will Boost Your Life Coach Career

Speaking on your own stage is potentially a very important part of your life coach career, and a very different animal from speaking on someone else’s stage. Both the glory and the responsibility are yours. If you are putting on the event, the bulk of the speaker time is probably yours. Or at the very least you are the moderator or master of ceremonies so you need to plan a lot of content and activities to keep your audience interested. If you are organizing your own event, you probably have a list of clients and potential clients to whom you will market it. It’s also an opportunity to grow your list with attendees brought by other speakers who you invite to share your stage. Of course, you are free to sell your products from the stage without approval from anyone else.

No matter whose stage you are speaking on, speaking is an opportunity to generate leads, grow your list, sell your products and potentially find clients. If you already including speaking in your working life, congratulations. If you aren’t, clear up what’s stopping you and get your message out to the world.

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Dorine G. Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountabilty Coach

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  1. Zithulele Reginald Vilane says

    I finished my course as a motivational speaker at IAP career college. I am a good motivational speaker and I can make a different to people who can hear me speak . Since I was twelve years old for me to speak was my gift God gave me.

    I can start by doing this for free and I know audience will get help and they can get solutions of their problems. Its very much important to be out of the cover to make life better. The cover of pride and fear is a real problem in life.

    We have to know the power of salt and the power of voice
    By doing that we can start moving. I promise to give more if I can get an opportunity. No pain no gain. We can do more together

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