Make a Difference and Become a 50+ Career Coach

The coaching industry provides opportunities for many different niches – being a 50+ career coach is one of those niches. It’s also one that has a huge, untapped market – one that you should consider tapping if career coaching is your gig.

50+ Career Coach
50+ Career Coach – Cathy Yeulet ©

Aging Baby Boomers are a Large Target Market

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 13% of Americans are between 55 and 64, and 15% are 65 and over. Add in those people between 50 and 54, and you have about one-third of all Americans who are 50 and over. Plenty of aging baby boomers who might be potential clients.

Though most people over 65 would not be looking to use the services of a career coach, there are plenty of individuals under 65 (and even some over that age) who are looking to change careers, enjoy a second career, or are forced to look for a new one because of downsizing and ageism.

These people would need the services of a 50+ career coach!

Older Workers Want to Work (or Need to Work)

Older workers (those 50+) are increasingly seeking new career directions or new positions or opportunities within their chosen careers. Some of these people are looking because of corporate downsizing, some because of industry attrition, and others because they have been aged out of their careers.

Many older Americans want to change things up and seek out new challenges and careers. Unfortunately, there are others, because of medical or personal debt, or because they lack enough retirement savings, are forced to look for new work or careers even in their golden years.

This age group is sometimes neglected by employers, coaches, counselors, the media, and everyone else. However, they have some much to offer future employers and companies – their desire and your coaching skills can make a big difference!

Make a Difference and Become a 50+ Career Coach

As a 50+ career coaching expert, you can help individuals prepare themselves to enter a new career, find the right job or career, and prepare for interviews when pursuing new career opportunities. Here are a few ways you can help older Americans find what they are seeking in a new career or job:

  • Help older Americans project good health, and help them find information on remaining healthy and active (yes – it helps to be something of a health and wellness coach, too).
  • Help clients identify their experience, skills, and knowledge. Older workers usually have more skills than younger ones, but often fail to emphasize them when looking for work.
  • As a 50+ career coach, one of your most important tasks is to help clients identify exactly what they want to do, and to also match their skills with careers that most closely match their passions.
  • Provide guidance, feedback, assessments, and an occasional kick in the butt when needed.
  • Work with clients to create the right resume, and help them update their technological skills if needed.
  • Help older workers turn the negative (their age) into a positive (their experience, learned skills, and knowledge). If you can only do one thing for a client as a 50+ career coach, this might be the most important!

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